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I'd have to say total engagement, let's take YouTube for example, it's a hobby, but I don't care about my subscriber count, it's views on videos I care about, the channel is designed to help people so if that's failing etc.

I'd prefer more traffic than more growth.

If I understood this question correctly.

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Yeah that sounds fair 🙂

There's all sorts to measure on YouTube, with the main ones being:

  • subscribers

  • views

  • comments

  • likes and dislikes

You can then look at a subset of these based on the quantities, frequency, duration etc to get a deeper understanding of performance.

  • Change in quantity of subscribers over the last 7 days (channel growth)

  • Change in quantity of views on comparable videos shared in the last 30 days (channel visibility)

  • Change in average view duration on comparable videos shared in the last 30 days (engagement) etc

What interested me is what sort of subset members would want delivering to them. For example, if you had a toggle or filter that presented content based on one of these (or other) subsets, what would you choose?

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I would rather view duration, as that is the no1 growth tool on YouTube, so I would happily go down that route.

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I'm not really sure what the right answer is from a platform perspective. I guess engagement because the more things you have under a topic, the bigger chance that has to ping on SEO (I get all kinds of random Reddit responses in threads when searching Google for things).

From a user perspective though, I want to be able to build up relationships with people I connect with on here. Follow/friends options where I can hit a filter and see "only followed users" or something like that. Right now, I'm not worried about missing anything, but once out of Beta and with an exponential user increase, I'm worried I'll miss posts from folks I've come to connect with on here. Just because their topics didn't take off in engagement doesn't mean I don't want to see it lol.

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I agree with this, Youtube will also suggest me videos from other people which is often nice as I discover new content, but it's at the cost of missing out on videos from people I'm subscribed to (I have notifications switched off as I don't want to get all the pings, I want a page I can brows when I want to watch something)

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I have notifications off too because phone clutter makes the back of my eyes itch lol. The subscriptions feed is browsable anytime I like.

But yeah well put and good example.

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Depending on what you are looking at, Search Results, Main Feed, Side Bar, etc. I would expect something specific for each.

I am always in favour of quality over quantity.

The Main Feed would be the main go to for me and then Side Bar. Never actually used the search function.

I’d like to see multiple options for the Main Feed which could be customised. The default would include all posts as they are added, just like it is now (?). Then have the option to add other feeds you are interested in which are customisable. I have interests in certain areas more then others and would want those results promoted, whilst I am interested in other areas, I am not concerned so much about them and they can be pushed down. Then there are results about certain subjects I’d want to see get pushed to the top as well.

As an example, you could take each section and set a priority/ordering to the output. Also add any specific subjects (I’m getting a bit into AI searching now, not sure how advanced your systems are).

My config would look something like this;





Game Development


Gaming - Indie


Game Publishers


Gaming - AAA


Everything Else

You’d probably also need to define a time frame to look back over. Unless you are going to hold a “read” marker for each post (like you would have in a feed reader, feedly as an example).

For the Side Bar, it gets even more complex as it can quite easily get overran by one post and it’s replies. You could base it on the filters of the Main Feed but also add in other options. Posts I have responded on, posts I have flagged. Submissions only.


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