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Do You mean a knowledge base like a Wikipedia?

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I actually really like that idea. Like, have a glossary page with links to things discussed from all time on the site. Another way to let old discussions come back into the spotlight. We’ve already got a search function, so maybe it could just have a navigation UI to it by community/sub community and downward.

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Hard to say without knowing what technical features the platform could have, but eventually as it grows and there will be more curated articles or maybe other things members could submit to, there would be a need for an easily searchable database.

Maybe there could be a wiki-type page within each community or space, and when posting something members could select to post there what they think would be useful for the community like guides for games, or setlists for music. And the community moderators or folks who create the curated articles could check these if they are up to the quality standards and indeed have a place in a community knowledgebase.

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currently its really hard to find old topics, there is no advanced search, and if you never seen some discussion, you do not know how to dig these 'diamonds'.

I think we need a seperate part of the site, like codex in many games, where articles are captured and a structured way and there are search options by categories


Would this be something like a just about wiki but only on certain topics like the headline community topics maybe have a page which is like a wiki page which is ever evolving to stay upto date as a kind of resource on the topic?


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