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There are quite a few I use from various MMOs and then have to explain. One which can be related to tabletop RPGs as well is when someone is not very good at something so I would say "they didn't put much points on culinary" for example.

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Ha I like that one 😆 I wonder what the equivalent would be for other games or even non-gaming communities?

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well if you want to use terms from FFXIV, then it could be "level 1 culinarian" and someone really good would be "master culinarian" (as you can specialise in 3 crafting jobs, will have increased stats and access to master recipes to craft special items)

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For me, it's "kek", "Internet Spaceships are serious business", epics, looting, violet and greenies, and various A/B/S-grades. This kind of slang can even be applied to everyday scenarios, like saying "Aldi is a D-grade shop."

Additionally, I incorporate a lot of slang from IT, management, and Fintech. During conversations, I typically gauge the other person's knowledge and then connect slang vocabularies to ensure effective communication.


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