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I like playing classic survival by myself - but after a while that gets a bit lonely

my friends and I loved playing creeper attack on hypixel - once we ended up on the same game for an hour and 50 mins cos we had the strategy down

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Hypixel truly reinvented the game when it came to minigames in Minecraft. Many moons ago, Hypixel and another server network, Shotbow, were the leading two, and I'd split my time between both. Then Shotbow took a dive and Hypixel continued to flourish - I'm looking forward to Hytale eventually coming out, whenever that may be!

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I always enjoy playing Minecraft but only every now and again. I tend to play vanilla survival, give myself an objective like create a sustainable home in a mine eg and once iv done that I move on to another game.

I know there are lots of mods out there but I love the simplistic gameplay.


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