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Sadly I'm not far into the game to do this, but added it to my to do list as video guide when I get more experience ^^

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Realm Walking: A Comprehensive Guide

Realm walking offers a fascinating experience, and while there are plenty of guides explaining the specifics of crafting and using cards, I’ll touch on the basics here.

Card crafting

For card crafting, you need three structures:

There are three core types of cards:

  1. Biome Cards - Forest, Swamp, and Desert.

  2. Major Cards which determine gear/enemy difficulty and core points of interest. Each card has its Ascended version, akin to a heroic mode of the basic one. For instance, if you want to kill Humbaba for the Bounty all you need is to start Swamp Real with a card the Hunt.

  3. Minor Cards, used to modify weather and effects within a realm.

You can check out the types of events and how to unlock each card here - Nightingale Realm Cards Table.

Realm Difficulty

When you open a portal, you'll see a number in the UI representing gear difficulty. Each card has four difficulty versions, with the highest currently being 220 for Extreme Ascended major cards.

Realm Hopping and Resetting

When you open a portal for the first time for each combo (biome + major card + difficulty), a random instance (realm) is generated. You can always return to the exact same realm, even if you closed the portal. Think of it as an address; a specific combo will always take you to the same level realm. This remains true unless you reset this combo using the 'Reset' checkbox. Understanding this mechanic is crucial for peaceful travel. Reset Portal =/= Reset Realm!

With simple math, you can simultaneously keep data on 156 realms! Unless you intentionally reset them, you can reopen any portal and continue your progress.

Note that once you load a portal with cards, they stay there. You can reopen the same portal unless you replace them with different cards. Cards are consumed upon insertion, which is why Crude Portals are useful for maintaining 'static' connections to specific realms.

Minor Cards

Upon landing in a new realm, locate the Fae Tower to use the Realmic Transmuter (or build your Crude Remote Realmic Transmuter) to control weather and effects within that realm. These effects persist even after you leave or close the portal.

Minor cards can greatly alter realm effects, like enabling low gravity or boosting production. For example, create a Crude portal on any difficulty and biome, clear a Fae Tower, insert an Industry Card at the Transmuter, and build a workshop for specific purposes like turning the realm into an ammo factory. My 'workshops' are distributed across several realms, with portals for navigation. Some realms are dedicated to production (thanks to cards like the Settler Apogean Card), others for construction or materials collection.

Favorite Minor Cards:

  • Trickster Card for tower construction and meat farming.

  • Settler Apogean Card for lumber and ingot production.

  • Industry Card for ammo production.

  • Greenhouse or Fortitude Cards for gear production.

  • Alchemist Card for potions.

  • Bulwark’s Workshop Card for tools.

  • Lumber Mill or Quarry Cards for combat tools.

Stay tuned for future insights on farming strategies in each realm and what to look for upon landing.

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Thanks, I just touched on the subject, there are so many things to tell!


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