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Silliest mistakes you have made

We all make mistakes when we are new to a game and not very familiar with it yet. Tell us about the one mistake which now that you are an accomplished Realmwalker truly makes you feel silly? Bonus points if you can share a screenshot or a video of it too!


In games like Nightingale, I like a fair amount of cosmetic items and varying looks when it comes to clothes and crafting. It makes things fun sometimes when you're playing with friends and you each find things that suit your taste or make odd choices to make each laugh. In that Regard, I came up with a fairly simple bounty to see what styles and such interest other people.

Bounty: Suggest a period piece in terms of an outfit/clothing style and a matching weapon set that you would like to see added to or that you think would blend well into Nightingale. Explain why you think it would fit Nightingale or why you like that style and would like to see it in the game. Draw a picture or find one that shows what you're suggesting.

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Now hear me out, I know almost all the bounties are solo but maybe we can try for a community or group bounty to promote interactions between members.

In groups of 3-4 build something, complete a vault, take down an Apex together. It can be in video format or pictures, like a group photo before(at start) then one photo at the end(results). In the submissions tag the group members. All group members can repost and reshare the same thing. bounty will be split accordingly. If it works well the bounty prizes and group size can be increased.

Just an idea to promote more interaction within the community :D

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Boss speedrun

Make a video of you defeating a certain apex. Basically a speedrun, defeat an apex in the fastest amount of time.

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A Welcome Maze

Sadly, the game doesn't allow us to share realm IDs or open it for random quests, but let's pretend there's a way to welcome strangers. Imagine you're an eccentric landlord who has decided to greet them with a maze! Design and build a maze that could entertain a quest for at least a few minutes. Use any material you like.

The maze should have:

  • One Entrance: Start the maze with a single entry point.

  • Many Dead Ends: Include plenty of dead ends to challenge explorers.

  • One Exit with a Reward: Guide them to a rewarding exit.

For added creativity, consider building a reverse maze: place the Estate Cairn in the center of the maze, forcing anyone who arrives to navigate through it to reach their destination.

Make sure the maze is intricate enough to provide a satisfying challenge, not just a simple 5x5 grid with a few dead ends.

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Solo the Extreme Vault (220) with Minimal Items in Under 60 Minutes!

Think you have what it takes to tackle an Extreme Vault (220) solo? Here's your chance to prove it and mock Sturmer with his own crazy idea!

Challenge Details!

  • Objective: Complete an Extreme Vault (220) solo.

  • Restrictions: Use as few items as possible.

  • Time Limit: Finish the vault in under 60 minutes.

Show off your skills and strategy by taking on this tough challenge.

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Lanah Tyra Limal Sturmer Konquest Foolish_Imp AirGaram - excellent ideas all round! I've just added them all to our schedule


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