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Currently for me I mostly play Scarlet & Violet due to shiny hunting. It is my personal favourite way of hunting for shinies.

I also casually play Pokémon Go, Unite and Sleep as well.

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Red and Blue to the core! 😆

I played Pokémon Go for a few years, and I've been toying with the idea of getting back into it!
Does anyone else here play Pokémon Go?

Thanks for the reminder Cherebi...I also play Pokémon Unite 😊

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Im currently playing Pokemon Shiny Gold which is a Gba fan remake of Gold. Its a great game and yoy can even get roms like this in cartridge form so you can play it on actual hardware.

Another great fan game is Pokemon Ultra Violet. It follows the original pokemon story but changes things up and adds new areas and all the gba game pokemon to catch.

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GO, as it allows me to drag kids outside and walk, whatever the weather hehe


surprisingly pokemon go, I've basically played non stop since it came out in 2016. super fun and I've explored a lot of my neighbourhood however it definitely has caused me neck bump issues playing over thousands and thousands of hours over 8 years


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