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MTB Downhill

You think dropping is easy? Will tell you that again when you hardly hit the frontbreak...

This stuff from my channel from November but you said we can have orginal old stuff :)

Is it a mind-blowing technical skill if you ask Grandma Edith YES,OFC!

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That's a big drop mate, niiice! I was checking my archives to see if I have anything interesting, but mostly it's just boring rides to the finish lol

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I'm not a sporty person myself, but, DudePerfect is. So here is his incredible trickshot video compilation.

Not sure if this qualifies, but if it does, woot, it's a great video!

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All my videos are pretty boring, so i'll highlight on of the best Kriss Kyle works. Stunts, music, camera and playground - everything in this film is amazing

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So I know football probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, even less so when you find out I'm an Arsenal fan (!). I grew up going to Highbury and later the Emirates in an era of Dennis Bergkamp, Henry, Ljungberg etc. but the two goals I have to share are from Eduardo and Giroud.

Now, neither are my videos but I was in the ground for Eduardo's goal. It was absolutely unreal watching him execute this shot. Watching it drop over and then with the outside of his boot putting it back across into top corner. It was perfection.

Now as for perfection, I know many a person who think Giroud is quite easy on the eye but then so was this goal .


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