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I was planning to showcase my collection of tech gadgets, but then it struck me – sharing too much might invite security risks and unwanted attention. So, I've decided to share something even better: my DIY Everyday Carry (EDC) kit, which I use frequently for servicing and fixing other gadgets.

Here’s a sneak peek into my EDC kit (listed from left to right):

  • Watt meter

  • Smart timer

  • Current tester

  • USB power tester and measurement device

  • Laser distance and volume meter

  • Remote IR thermometer

  • Powerbank (compatible with most devices here)

  • Label maker

  • Mini anvil

  • Radiation detector (Geiger counter)

And in the next row:

  • Low voltage multimeter

  • Regular multimeter

  • Watchdog relay

  • 100-in-1 multitool for small electronics repair

  • High-tech mini pliers

  • Compact standard pliers with multitool

  • Particle measuring device for liquids

  • An engineer’s best friend – THE calculator.

This compact set is primarily for detecting and troubleshooting problems. For more serious fixes, I turn to my other group of gadgets like welders, gas heaters, power tools, soldering irons, etc.

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so in the photo above is:

-Playstation 5

-2x duel sense controllers

-My Wifes cat headphones

-Xbox one Scorpio eddition

-Custom official xbox one controller

-3rd party custom xbox one controller

-Xbox 360 elite

-Xbox 360 halo controller

-Xbox 360 Gears of War controller

-Playstation 2

-Switch dock

-Switch gamecube controller

-LG smart tv

-Sound bar (just under the tv)

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Twitter Status Here:

From left to right I suppose:

Headset Nintendo switches/DS Eve Online Rifter USB Adapter Halo USB Adapter and Phone holder Crystal Light Up Light C3 Webcam Led Mousmat Studio Microphone Keyboard & Mouse Cleaner (The Pink Think) LED Strip Lights (just got them so they are on the desk) HP Laptop The PC Setup itself Center Top (Streaming Light Lamp) Virgin Wifi Booster, not sure why that's on my desk xD

My submission :)

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Epic. I especially like the Halo adapter / phone holder

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Yeah I found it online, pretty cool cause it comes with a tiny charger wire of your choice so I chose the firewire for the iPhone as I call them, so I can sit quite happily and stream and have something on lol


I tried to get a wee bit creative and do one of those top down shots I always love looking at of peoples tech! So here is some of my favourite pieces of tech! I’ll also post the pic here as I’m not sure my Twitter embed preview has worked so you can all see here too!

tech is -

Abxylute console

Switch oled

PlayStation Vita


PlayStation Portal

MacBook Pro

ASUS Chromebook

Apple Magic Mouse

Custom modded Xbox series controller

Xbox Series S console

PowerA switch nano controller

iPhone XR


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Awesome. When I set this bounty, I didn't foresee how envious of everyone's great tech it would make me😅


haha I bet you have some cool tech Alex!


haha AWWWW FAM! Now you are just flecxing on us! That is AMAZING! I would love one of the Optimus prime bad boys they make!

So do you use it a lot or after the novelty is it just sitting in pride of place on your setup?

The thing I wish they would introduce is the ability for them to self charge in a dock, similar to robot vacuums, then We could have them just wandering about or guarding a house like a sentry lol maybe in future models!

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To be honest, the novelty wore off very quickly. The Optimus Prime ones are just too cool though, and I do really want one. No doubt the novelty would wear off just as quickly, but have I learned my lesson?


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