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So I got this around, I'd say about 1 month ago, it's a custom-built phone holder. It's based on the standard model you can get from Smyths toy store.

So it's from Halo obviously, it is a custom-built USB phone holder and it's my favorite new gadget. So as you can see from the picture (below) it will hold your phone, vertically or horizontally, it has two USB ports at the back, so you can plug the power source directly into and then plug your phone charger directly into the back and then into your phone itself.

I find this super handy to have, I bought it because I wanted to get back into streaming, and with my EBD/PPD it's hard to just "focus" on streaming and gaming, so I like to have something, to focus on besides what I am doing.

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OMG! I have that Rifter from 1st Decade Collectors too. Sadly it's USB 2.0 but I have plans to upgrade to the 3.2 version... just need time hehe

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yeh that the pain with it, nothing really works anymore but I love it on my desk lol

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I'll try to document the upgrade and let you know then it's done

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Mate I'd love that, thanks bud, appreciated

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Got the Elgato 4K X capture card last month and loving it. Made my stream quality so much better since now I can play on my PC/console and stream from my laptop. Best thing? I bought it from the rewards I've earned here ❤️

Was planning to buy the older model, it would be still good enough for me, but then this was announced so I decided to wait and get it, will be future-proof for a good while.

Best feature is probably the flashback recording. You don't have to start the recording straight away, you can just set a timer and if something important happens you just trigger it and the past hour or so will be saved.

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Hooray! I'm glad the rewards are going to good use!

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They are, I already have a list of what else I can get to improve my setup and it really feels good knowing that every upgrade comes from funds generated by my content. ❤️

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Its a big Gadet

In Germany we have the option to get a so-called “Job-Bike” which is a kind of tax present. Anyway I had disliked eBikes but actually I was just envious about them. How easy they get up the hill... grml

Because with the bike I have I can go 800 Meters in height and still have fun going down the trails but not in a super nice shape, kind of dizzy. Not like in the Bike Park when you get carried to the top of the hill and just focus going down. No, where I live is muscle party, and “hoschie” these calves are bridge worthy… I missed to skill more points in endurance.

I already had some experience going eBike and it always was nice but pricey.

I love Specialized, so i choose my “Speiseeis”. Got a 2023 Levo with the 29/27,5 offset.

Unfortunately not the new SRAM Eagle Transmission System, but you can not have everything.

This the one which they do these really bad test:

Since i have it i am around the ~200km and i love it. My usall trip time is 2-4 Hours which the first climbs is always on eco. Expect its super shit weather than its TURBO TIME just for the mud fun.

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The muddy face image is glorious. I'm glad you're putting it to good use!

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My latest gadget is the Teenage Engineering PO-33, a micro sampler that's become a staple in my musical hobby toolkit. I'd been eyeing micro samplers for some time due to their ability to vastly expand my sound arsenal, and the PO-33 hasn't disappointed.

What sets the PO-33 apart is its dual functionality as both a sampler and drum machine. The integral feature for me, however, is its sequencer. It allows for composing entire tracks, providing a rich landscape for experimentation and creativity. This, combined with the microphone feature for recording my own samples, has opened up a new realm of possibilities in my music creation.

But it's not just about functionality. The PO-33's compact size makes it incredibly portable, allowing me to take it anywhere and find inspiration in the world around me. Hopefully, soon i'll be brave enough to share my work here!

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I won't pretend to know much about samplers and sound tech, but one thing I really like about tech like this is that has that vintage look even though it's cutting edge.


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