The infinate echo. A small normal device like a pen or something on your desk. it has an inbuilt speaker , and when a person talks the noise records and plays back what they said. and its difficult to turn off or spot where its coming from. designed to be annoying.

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DIY Smart Cookie Jar: The Playful Prankster

Imagine transforming a regular cookie jar into an interactive, playful prankster, greeting anyone who dares to sneak a cookie. This DIY IoT device is a perfect blend of technology and humor, and it's something you can easily create at home. Here's how you can bring the Smart Cookie Jar to life:

Materials Needed

  • A large, non-transparent cookie jar (preferably with "Cookies" labeled on it). Choose plastic or wood for easy drilling.

  • An Arduino Nano, Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3, or a similar microcontroller.

  • A light sensor for office environments, or an IR sensor for home use, to detect nighttime cookie thieves.

  • An Echo Dot or similar voice command speaker.

  • (Optionally) an ultrasonic sensor to measure the jar's depth and estimate cookie quantity.

  • (Optionally) a power bank for a standalone setup.

  • (Optionally) a motion sensor.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Create a fake floor inside the jar to separate the cookies from the electronics.

  2. Install the IR/light sensor on the side wall inside.

  3. Drill two small holes for the motion sensor facing out and power cable. Place the ultrasonic sensor on the fake floor, pointing upwards.

  4. Use GPT to generate various phrases for different scenarios, like someone entering the room or opening the jar.

  5. Set up IFTTT integration to trigger Alexa to read out the phrases.


When someone enters the room, the motion sensor inside the jar triggers a circuit board signal. This, in turn, prompts Alexa (via IFTTT) to say something like, "Hey there, why not grab a cookie for a snack? I'm full of them!"Opening the jar lets light in, activating the light sensor and triggering another message, like "Take your time, pick the best one!"

This project is not only fun but also affordable, with an estimated cost of $40-$50. Plus, the parts can be reused for future projects. Get ready to surprise your family and friends with this quirky, interactive cookie jar!

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Yours is a much more impressive, high-tech DIY version, but I had an early version of this as a kid.

It used to play the Jaws soundtrack loudly when you opened it. But my brother and I worked out that if you held a knife between its teeth at the right angle and kept the pressure on, you could open the lid without making a sound. #FreeCookieHacks

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The USB Type ↄ

It looks just like a USB Type-C with a reversible connector, but the trick wire is just a nanometre too big for the port, meaning it'll never fit no matter which way you plug it in.

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I would like to see a shrinking pen, where you buy it but over time, the pen itself just kinda, disintegrates, but the person you gave it to doesn't know that, so it just shrinks non stop and people can never find the damn thing.

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A device which would tell your real thoughts if you are caught lying. Imagine all the awkward conversations when you are talking to someone you don't like that much and nod along or fake smile and suddenly this device would tell them what you really think.

I'm evil I know.... but some people would deserve it with all the talking behind people's back they do. And no more saying oh "I'm sorry I can't come to work today I'm ill" when in reality you have been partying all weekend. I think it would definitely teach some responsibility and people would learn to deal with the consequences of their actions.

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Foldable costume-castle (similar to dino costumes). You wear it a crowded area to protect space around you, like a buffer. it's also great way to conquer space at gigs, to shoo pests away :)


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