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I’ve not really been a big user of YouTube. Probably mostly since last year so I can’t comment on its history as a user but did you know it was meant to be a dating platform?

The idea was that people upload videos of themselves stating what they are looking for in a partner but no one used it in the first few days so they opened it up to be anything and the rest is history.

Bizarrely my friend did meet her husband on YouTube through a vlogging community in 2008.

The thing that is getting to me about YouTube and content creators at the moment is the awful clickbait titles and rambling videos.

If it’s clearly a clickbait title I just don’t watch it now.

I’m also not a fan of the shorts format. I think my brain is too old to keep up, which is also the reason I’m not getting on well with TikTok.

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I prefer long format as well, make a few shorts as I realise it's needed as a creator to grow, but I don't watch short content. I remember when the first vertical videos appeared I was screaming why would someone hold a camera the wrong way, how can they enjoy watching this on their screen and then had to realise that people watched Youtube on their phones vertically and I couldn't really wrap my head around it ever since 😂

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Damn, it's been around a long time! It probably wasn't for a year or so that I saw it for the first time. I remember what the first video I saw was, too. It was a video of Futurama synced up with Radiohead's How to Disappear Completely, the scene where Fry drinks 100 coffees.

I do kind of miss vintage YouTube, where there was a 15 minute time limit and the majority of videos were just people doing cool or funny things. I enjoy the long form stuff people make today, too, but it came at the cost of that old stuff.

I feel like something like this would never do the numbers if it was uploaded now, but it's the kind of thing YouTube was built on

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I watch alot of yourtube as my main interests are video games and table top games and that is a great platform to find them. Its crazy how much it has grown since its conception, I even remember a tv show that was just about showing funny youtube clips.

The one thing Im not a fan of is how difficult it is for content creators to profit from. It seems like a constant uphill struggle for all no matter what kind of thing they do.


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