Never had a chance to try 3D printing. How does it work, what software does it use? I know you need blueprints for the printing, what format are those in?

You use a program called a slicer,

It uses Gcode to control the printer.

The file types are STL files normally.

That's all I know. I import the file and click print.

Lots of videos on YouTube however will explain the process and things better than this.

Damn that's a nice collection. Time to show us yours :D I wish I had formed a habit of collecting things just so I have some sort of display to showcase.

That's so awesome! I'd not heard of Bambo printers but that came out really well.

Do you know what material and layer height it used?

I can see it has a multi-material holder but is it a dual extruder printer? Cleaning PVA support material was an absolute nightmare on the machines I had. 😵


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