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Oh interesting! I played a lot of Overwatch at launch but haven't dabbled for a while so a little out of the loop; with respect to Ybarra's comments in the article, has there been a groundswell of recent community demand for a move to Steam?

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If there has, I've not seen it! While there's always a group out there refusing to use any launcher/store other than Steam, I can't imagine this move being just to appease them.


Sounds like a cry for help. Every time I see a game like this also launch on Steam it ends up dead.

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Bit of a weird one. OW2 certainly has a healthy userbase, they certainly like to complain but what is a gamer if not miserable?

On the other hand it looks like the Overwatch League might be done after this season, so where does that leave the esports side?

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It's the inconsistency from the OW execs that's harming the game in my opinion, from PVE being stopped to OWL falling on its arse. Doesn't portray a healthy game with a healthy future.

Seeing eSports folk finding out that OWL is potentially being cancelled via Twitter isn't a good look either.

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oof I hadn't seen that. That is POOR.

It does all smack of a management that doesn't know what they really want in the long term. Everything is short-term money grabbing with them (£15-£25 for skins or character skin packs? PLEASE), and everything else is getting pushed aside.


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