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I hope it's like the Quake remaster where anyone who owns the original on Steam gets the remaster for free.


Dunno. I found Q2 disappointing after Quake but I was a massive fan of the first game playing in the UKCL each weel :)

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I think it's amazing how different they managed to make QuakeWorld, Quake2 and Quake3: Arena to play and how they all found their own different dedicated/loyal followings (despite them being sequels coming out in reasonably quick succession).

I think which one you loved the most probably comes down to which year you were born/when you first got online and therefore which one captured your imagination at exactly the right time...

As an '83 child, Quake2 was the one that hit at exactly the right time for me :)


So what you are saying is "you are old" ;)

Having said that I do enjoy Quake Champions.

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It's LIVE on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Steam. If you own it on Steam you just get the upgrade no extra cost.


Quake II Remaster Both expansion packs A new expansion pack Quake II 64 Online co-op and MP Crossplay


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