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Video Games

There's nothing I want more after a long day at the office than to kick back a take a leisurely ride around the farm on my tractor! 🌾🚜🧑‍🌾🐮

Seems like a pretty good spread to me. All of these are games I wouldn't buy but have always been kind of interested to see what they're like. I never really liked the look of Callisto Protocol, but when it released to such mixed reception about its combat it definitely made me curious, although I can't say the game is my vibe really. Farming Sim is the kind of game that I'd worry may consume my entire being

I think it's a pretty good month! I'm not a horror game fan, but I did force myself through The Callisto Protocol shortly after launch last year and enjoyed it a lot. Except for the final boss fight, that can get in the bin. Weird West is also a decent indie RPG, and as someone who plays a lot of Football Manager and Euro Truck Simulator, I daren't start playing Farming Simulator or my entire gaming experience will just become doing other virtual jobs. Football coach, truck driver, farmer... it's also why I haven't touched Train Simulator or Microsoft Flight Simulator yet!


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