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Super Mario Bros

I'll add the obvious recommendation. Super Mario Bros. This 2D platform game only requires the use of a single joystick control and most of the time the only other button you need to press is the jump button. In fact most of the gameplay is running across the stage from left to right, jumping over obstacles and jumping on enemies heads to kill them.

For new players there are fewer controls to master, the objective is straight forward and the music, sound effects and visuals are very engaging.

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The logic of puzzles in each part is quite complicated and this is what I want in an adventure game: various, easy to control and no limit step/time. Following your rhythm is very cozy and I appreciate that different puzzles are connected, The game connects four colours strictly and beautifully from easy to hard, from two to four orbs. None of them will be quite hard or quite easy. It guides me to solve one by one. They're like a maze, You can solve them easily if you find the correct way.

That's my feeling for puzzles in a cocoon. Solitaire is the only logic puzzle I have played recently because I lost the most enthusiasm for puzzle games. But the cocoon heal me in a wonderful, comfortable and smooth way. It took me 8.6 hours to play it, which is impressive even after half of month.

Not only complicated puzzles you enjoy but also epic landscapes waiting for you. Details in this game are handled perfectly so you won't confused about any tips for any puzzles or what should you do next. Various themes of landscapes immerse you in the wild but engaging world and there are many secrets hiding everywhere.

10/10. It deserves it.


Forza Horizon 5. Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of how the series has changed creative direction, I think the latest couple of FHs are a brilliant introduction to so many gaming tropes, they include excellent accessibility options, and visually it's extremely impressive. The sandbox nature of the game means you can play around, experiment and get comfortable with the controls and experience, with very few limitations. It's also a great game for discovery, be there exploring new areas of the map, unlocking new cars, or checking out UGC like events and custom liveries. Even if you're new to racing games, you can flick all the assists on, keep the difficulty low and have a blast.

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The Crew 2 is definitely my recommendation that will hook any non-game players, whilst also keeping it stupid and simple yet having the option of complexity as the player wishes.

The Crew 2 is an open world vehicular simulation game where the player can either fly, drive or even sail across the entirety of a scaled-down USA in multiple events to garner followers to be the best jack-of-all-trades racer out there!

The game caters for a very large audience, and is extraordinarily simple to get the hang of, being able to be played with merely one hand. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous and the storyline branches off into 4, ofr whatever the player loves. There are 4 different families of racing for the player to choose from

1) Freestyle - This is for when the player wants to show off their flair, and do what THEY want to do, to score in events. 2) Off-road - This is for when the player is tired of sticking to the track, and wants to wayfind their own path to the finish line in rugged 4WD vehicles 3) Pro-racing - This is for when you want to be the complete opposite of off-road racing, sticking to the track in high performance vehicles 4) Street-racing - The perfect balance in between all of these modes, where you just gotta make it over the line and hit those checkpoints

For new players, if the game gets too boring rolling wheels on the ground, they can swap to a plane or motorboat as they wish, and take off, simple as that. (Although I recommend against trying to launch a boat on the ground)

From breathtaking views from the air of the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, to the high speed midnight racing through Los Angeles, or the dusty muddy offroad fun anywhere in the US, there is something for all players, of all skill levels.

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Adopt Me! by Uplift Games on Roblox

I only came across this game fairly recently and I wish there was something like this when I was growing up. It's a really cute and fun game, enjoyable both by kids and adults. Roblox controls are fairly easy to move around and the menu is simple.

You get to adopt pets and raise them, they will demand constant attention for food and playtime like a real pet would (a great way for kids to learn how much responsibility a pet could be) This game would have made me really happy as I was not allowed to have a pet when I was a kid.

You also have a house which you can furnish and upgrade, and since it's an online game, you get to meet other players. The servers are fairly small so it's not an overwhelming amount of people at the same time, and you can totally do everything alone, but it's a nice way to get a first glimpse into playing and interacting with other people online.

The About Me! team is absolutely amazing, very kind and nice people, creating a safe and inclusive place for everyone.

They also have changing content, seasonal events and such. Here is their latest Halloween themed video:

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Again had to rush but for the amount of time I had I'm happy with it. Happy is a strong term I don't hate it. Yeah that better.

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Was waiting for someone to say Tetris!

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I was seriously debating it but then I decided to take this opportunity to give an indie game some well deserved attention.

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Ha Ha yeah do love Tetris. Especially mean nasty algorithmic no hold a piece Game boy Tetris.


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