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I've never played, but I've only ever heard great things about the community and Fanfest! It's so good to see an older MMORPG thrive.

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The digital Fan Fest during covid was great. Tickets for this one could have been handled better but I think they didn't realise how many people would be interested. Maybe there will be a way to accomodate more people next time.

And I agree it's nice to see older games still going strong.

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Congrats on reaching the final stage!

I've not played FFXIV, but it really seems popular among members here.

I'm a huuuge fan of machinima (games-based filmmaking) though, so I love that they've got a video contest! 😃

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Can you go back in time and tell my mother that please? Maybe I would be making game trailers now 😂 I have my old game videos still which I have done for my diploma work but that was 18 years ago and they look so bad now in resolution, can't really upload them anywhere.

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Hopefully there will be more opportunities to share your work through bounties 🙂

Not sure if this would be of interest, but there's a podcast called And Now for Something Completely Machinima. Tracy (one of the co-hosts) is my PhD supervisor and she ran the European Machinima Festival back in 2007 (and now the Art-AI Festival since 2019).

The podcast dives into things like the history of machinima, platform changes (like Reallusion, Omniverse, iClone etc.), as well as reviewing episodes / series of machinima videos.

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Oh this sounds interesting, I'll check it out!


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