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Another Crab's Treasure is pretty high on my list. I think in general soulslikes have suffered from a sense of uncanniness when compared to FromSoft's games. With the possible exception of Nioh, the fact that they're similar both in aesthetic and gameplay to From's soulslikes make them feel like imitations. I think taking that gameplay and putting it into a game about a cartoon crab is a great way around that and I'm excited to see the genre branch out beyond grimdark fantasy and horror.

That's exactly the reason I haven't played too many of them. The gameplay of soulslike games appeals to me, but don't want to play what feels like the same game over and over.

The cartooniness of this really cuts through that. I'd be happy with a fairly basic story from Another Crab's Treasure, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they slip in a deep and engaging story hidden behind the lighthearted environment.

If the do go all dark, I really hope it's for some Crabulon DLC 😆


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