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Video Games
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The NY Times Connections is my new daily habit! Once a day - just like Wordle - but it gives you 16 words which must be sorted 4 groups of varying difficulties.

It ranges from easier groups like 'things you might take to school' to harder groups such as 'types of syrup' - honestly harder than it sounds because there will be some words thrown in there to try and trick you.

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I'm a fan of Waffle. Not only is it a delicious food, but it's also a blend of Wordle and a crossword.

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This just reaffirmed how terrible I am at crosswords

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Like it, but it stressed me out because of the move counter haha

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Most of the games on Puzzmo fall into this category, I reckon. Favourite is probably Wordbind, but SpellTower and Typeshift are both decent too. SpellTower takes me far too long to try and make the longest word possible with the default grid though.

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I have Wordle and Wordscapes installed. I hadn't played either for a while, but this post has inspired me to play them again.


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