Video Games

Video Games

Really proud of this screenshot of my Reaper in Final Fantasy XIV as I didn't use the photo mode for it, it was accidentally caught in a perfect moment. Reapers can jump forward and leave behind a portal where they can teleport back to. I was standing on a balcony and since the character can't dash through obstacles, I stayed where I was and the portal appeared on top of me, making it look like some kind of aura.

Final Fantasy players are going to have an absolute blast for this one lmao

This is a great shot! Just a reminder though that it needs to be posted on Twitter or Instagram then embedded in your submission for it to be eligible.

Been getting back into Game photography (thanks to Just About as well as real life. One of my wishes for games is it to be used in education. Passive learning just giving you the tools and seeing what you can do with them. Messing with lighting to see how it affects a picture. Gain an interest early that will stand to you in the future.

Love that black and white Red Dead 2 shot!

Really happy of my screenshot of my best car in Forza Horizon 5

Hi Paolo, thanks for entering this bounty! Love the framing with the temple in the background. Unfortunately, we've rejected this submission as we wouldn't consider a car to be a character - though we do see where you were coming from! Additionally, the car itself is out of focus in the image, so it's tough to make out many details, as the focal point appears to be on the lighting from the headlights at the front of the car. We have a new screenshot bounty going live today though, so we'd definitely encourage you to have a shot at that one!

Nothing beats the Cyberpunk 2077 photo mode for me.

Hey Avrona, this is a great shot! Unfortunately though, we've had to reject it as it doesn't meet our submission criteria - images have to be posted on Twitter or Instagram, then linked on here, as it allows us to confirm ownership of the image. We have a new screenshot bounty going live today though, so if you're able to upload your screenshot to one of those platforms then link to it in your submission, you'll be eligible.


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