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Video Games

That's a great shot! Photo mode is like 90% of the reason I want to go back to No Man's Sky. Every photo is either chill or ominous, but either way atmospheric.

took this while cruising through No Mans Sky! Was so beautiful! I felt so free and at peace. Just in aw at how beautiful everything in that game is.

That's incredible! I love the soft glow against the colourful nebulae. 🦑 ☁️

A shot I took in a lesser known game called Sable which I believe it can fit the theme just about right.

I absolutely love Sable, and the Japanese Breakfast soundtrack is incredible

That's a really chill-looking game. I've heard of Sable, but not had a chance to play. What's the gameplay like?

It is very chill. It's like an exploration game with quests scattered throughout the map. You get on your bike and cruise through the desert, stopping here and there to talk with locals and do things. It's not huge but it's relaxing, the most difficult things are... finding the right way to get somewhere, but there is no pve (seen as killing npc in exchange of rewards).

I think I'll have to take a look. Thanks for the recommendation! 😊

Final Fantasy XIV has housing areas where if you are lucky on the lottery can get a house for yourself or for your Free Company (guild). The night-time background music for the Kugane town and the adjoining housing are is called 'Crimson Sunset'. This is why:

I love to come to my house and just sit on a bench to admire the beautiful scenery. Helps me find some peace after a busy day at work.

Embedding doesn't seem to work properly, clicked on the icon for it as usual but it still just displays the link.

Thanks Lanah! I've made a note and we'll investigate this ASAP 🙏

Lanah Tyra Instagram embeds should be working again now! We're aware of a visual bug with tall Instagram posts and we're working on fixing that ASAP!

That looks so chill. You can almost hear the babbling river and wind through the leaves 😊

I wish I'd taken more Ghosts of Tsushima screenshots now. The haiku scenes would have been perfect

It's such a beautiful game! I think I spent more time in photo mode than actually playing it, despite playing all the way through 😅

I loved it. But I made the classic completionist's error of getting so sucked into side activities that I lost my will to finish the storyline. It bugs me though, and I still plan to return to it. I think I must have been 80% of the way through. I blame the foxes.

But how can you say no to these little cuties? 😍

Exactly! I never stood a chance

legit would like to go on vacation here minus the zombies haha Peacefulness and tranquility amongst the chaos of Dead Island 2 🌴 you wouldn’t believe there was a zombie apocalypse going on with this view

Ha yeah, if you don't take out the zombies then this would be the worst game for a peaceful experience! 😅The resort does look so chill, so I can see why you'd want to visit 😎🏖️

haha thats no resort, thats someones house! haha #HouseGoals


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