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That's an absolutely incredible sequel. I'm very much a Halo 2 or Fable 2 fanboy (though Fable 1 still holds a dear place in my heart!)

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I also considered Halo 2, but I forgot all about Fable. I loved those games! I've always thought that if I could be a game writer on any series, I'd choose Fable. It'd be so much fun!

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I take it you're looking forward to the non-reboot, non-sequel Playground Games follow on then? Fable is where I got my first taste in the industry, doing some QA testing on placement at Lionhead waaaay back in the day 😎

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I read that as R2D2 and was confused for a second 😂

The Jedi Knight series is a bit confusing in regards if you count Dark Forces II as a sequel to the original Dark Forces or is Jedi Knight II the sequel of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II? But I'ld cast my vote by Dark Forces II absolutely loved that game especially The Mysteries of the Sith expansion was amazing.

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I'm glad that wasn't just me! 😂I was ready to jump in and be like this is not the acronym you're looking for.

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Quake II :) Sorry...

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I've barely thought of Quake since I played on the N64 many, many years ago. But last week I had a dream that my brother and I were at a wedding, recruiting friends and family for an international Quake II esports tournament in Las Vegas. So clearly it's left an impact.

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The Witcher 3 is the correct answer - sorry every other sequel!

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Fair play. You win this round, Hotwings.

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For me it's Fable, and this is just a personal thing for me because Fable 2 was released a week after my grandma passed away and it helped me a lot in escaping the pain of it as I was very close with her, so Fable here!

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I have a few games that have seen me through difficult times too. They can really help. And Fable 2 is as good a game as any to lose yourself in.


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