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The mode is actually fun! The only downside im finding is the songs are priced at roughly 500 Vbucks and if you're a streamer on Twitch then the risk of DMCA is high, but overall I really do enjoy playing it in the downtime. I'd probably say first track on the setlist is Bad Romance by Lady Gaga for me

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Yeah I can imagine it'd be a logistical nightmare for streamers! With the scale and influence of the userbase, it'd be great if they negotiated streaming rights with the platforms. Maybe the musicians could get a cut of revenue per stream from Twitch's end?

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That would honestly be cool if Twitch did that, I know in the past there was Twitch Sings. Basically Singstar but on the Twitch platform, which was around for a few months but was later stopped and I think it had something to do with the licensing. But Epic did send out an email saying that on YouTube you're fine to create coverage, it was just Twitch that it would be a possible flag/muted audio on the vod.

But I'm low key enjoying Bad Romance and playing that as one of the many spider man skins i have HAHA


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