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I enjoyed a lot of what E3 had to offer when attending. For me, the best moment was actually attending my first E3 way back in the late nineties in Atlanta. It was a wondrous sight to behold and I still think that was my favourite one I attended. It was still a bit rough around the edges and there was a real sense of community among the developers and publishers. This was one of the few I was not there as press so I was there to network and meet new people instead of reporting on what other people were doing which made it a little more exciting.

It's sad to see it go but I do think it's had its day. The Internet changed everything, and considering what it cost to actually put up one of those huge stands, it's not surprising publishers started to rethink their strategy.

It will be missed I'm sure but with so many other events now dotted throughout the year, its importance had somewhat diminished.

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You're right, the winds of change made its cancellation an inevitability, but I did have a soft spot for the wackiness and the scale of it. Even though smaller events are the format of the moment, I hope that a big new tradeshow comes along to take E3's place eventually. It'd be great to see a new legend grow. I worked with an event marketing and management company last year; they predicted that people will grow fed up of virtual/hybrid events within two-to-three years. Admittedly, the games industry has good reasons to stick with digital. But there's hope.

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It did feel like the games industry lived in its shadow.

I think the move to streamed events is ultimately best for the industry, but I still wish I'd have been able to go. All of the photos had the energy and chaos of a music festival 😁

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I never had a chance to go so couldn't experience it in person. It must have been really cool to get a chance to play demos and see displays from studios. But given how my experience have been mix on big comic cons in London these events might not be really suitable anymore as the building space is limited and prices are skyrocketing due to demand, making it almost impossible to get a ticket and even then having a massive crowd I have to agree that streamed events might be a way forwards. Less costly both for developers and people who want to attend. Even if there is a small ticket price for the stream, I would be glad to pay it if I can then get to watch the event live or from recording as it fits with time zones etc.

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I think the part that's really lost during hybrid / virtual events is the ability to play demos. Some have experimented with making demos available during the streams, but it doesn't have the same feel as an in-person session.

On the flipside, external deadlines push developers to prep builds according to E3's schedule, rather than when they're good and ready.

There's pros and cons, but I agree it must've been really cool. 🙂


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