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Have you tried any of the others? I very briefly tried some PUBG on my iPad way back when but mobile screens always seemed to small for FPS for me. Then again, I'm not really an FPS player so I could be way off!

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I actually tried PUBG and it was so easy, like easier than PC for some reason! But im very used to PC gaming for FPS, which is why I dont think i would enjoy playing a game like valorant on mobile cause of how technical it can be. But yea i feel you with that on the screen size

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I feel like in order to translate the controls to mobile, they have to compromise on mechanics.

There are only so many things you can do with twin sticks and a minimalist user interface, so they can't give you half of what makes it the game.

I am very open to being wrong about that, but none of the mobile versions of games have felt right. I'd far rather a new game in the universe, like Fallout Shelter or Elder Scrolls' Blades.

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Yea thats the thing, Im not sure how they would work with the controls on the screen. There are those third party controller sets you can buy but at that point is it really going to be worth it?

I like mobile games but I feel like a game like Valorant wouldn't translate well, and possibly maybe sacrifice a few of the game mechanics


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