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IMO if the devs can't play/beat the game they made, should they be making it! But yeh cmon, one of them has to complete it!

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I've spent some time as a QA tester and the testing isn't exactly linear, so maybe they don't need to complete it in a single run, but they should pick out the most difficult challenge and have the team try and beat it.

I think it'd make a fun complilation video to share after the game is out. It'd humanise the devs and show them having fun with their game.

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This is true, maybe like a blooper video showing their attempts to beat it and it going horribly wrong lol


haha this is brilliant! Kind of thought someone would have had to beat it the whole way through?

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FFXIV dev team especially Yoshi-P completes each fight before they get released. Sometimes there are comments on the patch notes saying they think this next fight might be a bit hard 😂


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