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I know where I'll be!

Is there anything in particular you're hoping for? Honestly, and I know this is unlikely, but I just want to know more about what's coming with PlayStation Productions and their movies!


Im hoping for a release date for Stellar Blade as it feels like thats been cooking for ages now! And yeah hoping for some surprises in the form of maybe a new game? Yeah on the entertainment side I had heard Until Dawn Was getting made into a tv show or movie so who knows! Maybe some Horizon Zero Dawn show news too would be cool!

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Yeah, it's going to be a movie I believe. They're also doing a Ghost of Tsushima movie and a God of War tv show, and they're both stunning games with great storytelling.

I can't wait to see some early details, but no doubt they're still years away!

Pacific Drive seems like it'll be cool and I'd love to hear more about Spider-Man 3, but no way they'll be sharing anything this soon 😂

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Definitely excited to see Stellar Blade. The combat and world looked really fun, even if the central character seems a bit on the generic side. I'm also in a permanent state of expecting and hoping for that Elden Ring DLC. It's gotta be soon, right?


Agreed Stellar Blade is high on my list of what I cant wait to find out more of, hopefully a release date too!


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