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Since no definition of 'skillful' was provided, I've decided to create my own. In this short 'Baldur's Gate 3' video, witness the incredible skill of rolling unlucky dice.

Math time: The probability of failing twelve times (yes, I counted!) in a row is approximately 0.5688% or about 1 in 176 (and I'm not counting bonuses from skills and items he had!). ​

I just have the 'WAH' sound effect stuck in my head now

Haha this is a totally valid entry! We had a friend in our gaming group who got very lucky with his dice rolls apart from when called on to make a particular kind of check in Warhammer. Armour saves, spellcasting, artillery accuracy, all fine. But ask him to take a leadership test and his luck flipped like a switch. Extraordinary.

So with Eve Online one thing that's important is to make sure, you are skillful when using your ships, especially in PvP, in this video of a guy who does not have many subs but I really enjoy his videos, he is showing how the Hecate, the T3 Destroyer, is able to make huge damage against smaller ships, he shows how to use the stargate effectively splitting gangs in half with timers and score a LOT of kills very quickly, fantastic video.

Nice vids indeed! Hecates are true glass cannons, a faction cruiser tier DPS packed into 4k EHP. But i don't like them to use in PVP as fights are too rapid, literally all-in. And they are too vulnerable to kiters.

Ultimate raids are the hardest content in FFXIV, and a usual 8 man party consists of 2 tanks, 2 healers and 4 dps and mechanics are designed around this party composition. Your average group will take months to prog such content and even if one of your dps does a little less damage or someone dies, you won't clear.

These veterans cleared an ultimate raid with 8 tanks.

This is a clip from Faide where he hits 3 people with one bullet! Faide is pretty well known in the Apex Legends community for his incredible movement and just being amazng at this game. In the clips, he also shows the pov of the team he hit

for me it’s gotta be whenever I was this guy Ryukahr play what I assume is super Mario maker! Legit blows my mind how his brain is computing all these moving parts in real time lol my head would just melt anyways watch for yourself and see what I mean 😂

This is completely incredible. Great submission!

Thanks Rich, check out this one like it boggles the mind just looking at it! Dudes on another level lol


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