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I would do the same with the 80s. I have very good memories from my early childhood and somehow looking back at that era it feels like it was way better than what came after '89. So would be interesting to go back as an adult with knowledge of history and politics and see if it was truly that great.

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I think I'd choose to be a tourist in the 70s for a couple of reasons. Firstly to go to a gig - Led Zeppelin touring IV? Yes please! And secondly, if you could bring stuff back with you I'd pick up some collectibles to sell when I got back 💰 - although, TBF going for the 80s or 90s and picking up some Pokemon cards, Beanie Babies or Air Force 1s would probably do the trick too 🤑

What events would you all seek out in each decade? The '86 World Cup quarter-final vs Argentina? MJ playing for the Bulls?


awww absolutely Queen Live Aid would be incredible!

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I'd definitely go back to the 70s and live through the golden era of arcade gaming.

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Definitely the 90s for the same reason. Hopefully we can bring stuff back because my step dad threw out all my old games consoles so id be replacing then and all the games!


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