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Opening message: "The fact that none of the trailers you are about to see have leaked is a mystery to us (especially the last one)"😂

Well now I'm intrigued

Rupert's avatar

Heeeere we go! This should be fun.

Rupert's avatar

Gosh they're coming thick 'n fast. Shadows of Doubt looked cool..

Boomer's avatar

In the wise words of Sum 41, it's all killer, no filler!

Alex Sinclair's avatar

That Vampire Survivors trailer was something else!

Boomer's avatar

I'm loving the Homer Simpson-esque facial hair on the car! 😂

Ford James's avatar

What The Golf? is an unbelievably fun game, and despite the name, you do not need to know anything about golf! Highly recommend - it's also on mobile.

Boomer's avatar

At least half of these soundtracks are going on my playlist!

Boomer's avatar

Is it just me or would Prince of Persia make an awesome animated show? 😄

EveOnlineTutorials's avatar

Watched it start to finish and entered the bounties, GIVE ME DINO LORDS NOW


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