Video Games

Video Games

I borrowed a copy of the original Commandos from a friend for at least several years, although I did eventually return it.

Great game, though; I regret nothing.

I once borrowed Command & Conquer Generals from my friend in college, I had it for a month and then his dad was posted to I think Cyprus? They moved in 4 days before I had time to give it back.

The funny story is that he didn't come back for six years and when they did come back to Amesbury, he called by my house, the first thing he said was "You better not have busted my disc" lol.

I kept that in pristine condition, it now hangs on the wall in his home office :)

I don’t have a borrower story but a lender one.

My friend borrowed my horizon zero dawn copy and had it about a year only to find his cat had done a wee on it. He kept it and had to buy me a new one, so I guess I never did get back my original copy.


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