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Sitting on the Lawn Mower next to the Lawn Mowing Sim stand. That thing was huge, and hilarious!

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I'm just picturing needing stilts to even climb on top! 😂

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The moment when they brought in all those boxes from Sleazy Pizza :D

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That's a top tier giveaway!

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Thinking back over the past four events a number of memories come to mind...

  1. Standing in the queue outside Tobacco Dock chatting with a director, lawyer and a student all in the same conversation - just doesn't happen anywhere else

  2. Seeing people from previous events that have now become show mates

  3. Being the first to purchase tickets and winning the competition that year

...but the one that sticks out the most is making a new avian friend last year. A huge pigeon tapping me on the shoulder whenever I walked past or purchased another beverage from the loading bar...

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WASD in October 2023 was my first industry event and it started me on my journey in my career. The first talk I saw from Sara Machado was so inpiring .


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