It's a good line up but the matter of online safety is only 25% in the company's hands IMO, our job as parents is to monitor what our children do online. To much pressure is placed on Ofcom, yes I get content has to be rated but the last time they got questioned, it was like the Inquisition.

I would also love personally to place a few questions before the CEO of Eve Online, yes I would!

There's definitely a shared responsibility.

It's like the platforms are responsible for building safe and engaging playgrounds, but parents need to teach their kids not to jump from the top of the slide.

Reckless misuse of even the safest of tools can cause harm, so better platform design and member education are essential for online safety.

Agreed, but as I said before, around 80% of my job visiting homes is teaching parents MY AGE to learn how to use parental controls, it's a joke how many parents do not understand technology or what their kids are doing online.

Well, since the sessions are scheduled one after another, there's no need to pick and choose. Just attend them all!

That's fair, I'd attend them all if I could.

I find these sorts of events often break out into impromptu meetings after panels, so it's easy enough to miss something.

To be honest, I'm just curious what interests you most out of these.


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