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Ooh, my Switch and I have a long flight coming up in a couple of weeks so this is perfect!

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Thank you for this list. As a creator who like to focus on Nintendo Switch, it is always great to see indies on this console!

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That's cool! A wild guess, but are you a Pokémon fan? 😄

I have a Switch but for some reason it isn't used as much as I expected. What would be your go-to games to recommend to a new Switch owner?

...except the ones taha recommended of course! 😁

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I am indeed, aha - what gave it away 😉

I would say the Switch is easily the console I play the most, and that is probably due to being able to play on a TV and how easy it is to take around with you. I used to run a Nintendo community that hosted local meetups and online competitions and I think since then I have just always been more focused on Nintendo, regardless of how nice the other consoles are.

I even tend to rebuy indie games if they eventually buy on Nintendo Switch just because I know I will play the game a lot more on that system than the others.

In terms of must have, go-to switch games, I feel it is very stereotypical to say the classing AAA Nintendo games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a 2D or 3D Mario game such as Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Wonder, a Pokémon game, and a cozy game like Animal Crossing.

With indie games, it really depends on what style of indies you enjoy. Some of my favourites that I have played (but are also available on other consoles) are Arcade Paradise, Stardew Valley, Cult of the Lamb, Sky: Children of the Light and Vampire Survivors.

I feel the Switch has a good collection of both AAA and indies that I can get the best out of both worlds, and I try to show that with the type of content I make.

I hope you feel inspired to pick up your Switch more! 🤩💖

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Was that one of the Streetpass communities? I knew someone in my area that ran one for a while. It skewed pretty heavily toward Pokémon, mainly because Pokémon Go was at it's peak!

Excellent recommendations! Stardew is one I go back to often, and I maxed out the Vampire Survivors base game a while ago, but I've thought about picking up the DLC. Also, I found out yesterday that one of the senior folk behind Arcade Paradise is in a Discord server I run 😅. I should probably check it out! 😆

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Aye it was indeed! I helped with one of the Streetpass groups in Wales when I lived there, then when I moved to England we branched off away from the groups and became more indie focused which was fun.

I really recommend Arcade Paradise though, the VR version is super fun but even the flat version is great. I think it is actually my most played indie on my Nintendo Switch so that is saying something. (P.S there is new Vampire Survivors DLC coming out TODAY)

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Do you mean Lil Gator 2? I think i played first part in a Switch back in 2022

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I don't know how I missed Corponation! 😯


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