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I actually wondered the same as in this original thread from 7 months ago. Are there many twitchers on here? (Is that what people streaming on twitch are called?)

I saw the next one is in Rotterdam.

I don’t twitch and have just started to try and support a friend so got an account and it’s a bit like TikTok for me. The interface is so full on. I’m not understanding how to find good content. But I’ll persevere.

Anyway have you been to twitch con? Would you go?

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There are good amount of streamers on here since the smallands stream bounty, but getting them to interact with the rest of the site will need worked on now I guess.

It's not something's that would interest me in the slightest in attending as a consumer. If I was serious about streaming as a business/self employment then I would go to it to network and for training so to speak.

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yeah that makes sense. I so far see it more like the YouTube con my friend attended when she was a YouTuber. More for networking and community building among creators maybe.

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Not sure why the link is broken, so I'll check it out. Here's a tweet with some info, and the link still works:

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oh how weird about the link. But thanks for sharing the tweet.


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