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Fantastic! I'll try and tune in for one of the sessions this week.

Hey MURRRAAAAY, this is the post I was telling you about the other day. If you're streaming this week then feel free to share your schedule.

Streamers big or small, old or new...get involved! 🙂


Thanks fam! I will be sure to post it here, working on my schedule right now!

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Next planned stream will be Thursday 2nd Nov 1930 UTC!

EVE Online, NPSI (not purple shoot it) PVP!


Come hang out and join in the fun this week -

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Just posting here to mention that Schadsquatch has a charity stream taking place 4th - 5th November.

They posted about it here, but I thought it'd be worth bringing it up in the schedule 🙂


Back at it with more Ghostrunner 2 rage! come hang and lend some moral support!

At it again in GhostRunner 2 rage! come hang and lend moral support please! haha I WILL NEED IT!

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Surprise bonus stream on Saturday at 1pm GMT I'll be playing Star Trek Fleet Command. It's my first sponsored stream and I've been a Trekkie since ages so I'm super excited 🖖


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