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Honestly, the most important thing for a successful stream is a good mic. MANY streamers don't stream without a camera, but if you sound like a tin-can, nobody is gonna wanna hang around for that.

I used this for the longest time:

The sound quality is great for a cheap microphone, and it comes with a pop filter as well to make you sound just that much better. Also, having it be a USB mic makes it easy to install and use between different computers/setups.

With the right filters, you can make a crummy mic sound like a $1000 one easily.

I would recommend anyone with a smartphone to use that as their beginner webcam until they get a dedicated webcam. You can download an app called DroidCam that you can have your phone connected wirelessly or wired to your PC.

Here is a great tutorial on how to use it by my one of my favorite streamers, Nutty:

A ring-light is the last thing I bought when I started streaming, Walmart or Amazon have a ton of great options. I don't have a link to my Walmart one, but anything with a remote control that has a stand is necessary!

Now, as a voiceactor as well as a streamer (I was a beginner with both streaming and VA in 2018) I got my first mic for voiceacting, which I then used my entire brainpower to realise- I could just hook it up to my streaming setup to get better quality audio than the £30 headset mic I was previously using with my bog-standard PS4 camera and direct from PS4 capture. My setup at the start was VERY basic. (but if I can almost make Partner because of it, it proves that setup isn't everything) But having clear audio makes you more understandable to audiences and is more enjoyable to listen to, so the mic upgrade was paramount for me. This mic has been with me through thick and thin and I STILL use it for streaming to this day. It's my ol' reliable Blue Snowball, which was around £40 when I bought it back in 2018 and it sounds very clear considering it's a USB mic. For that price and the longevity of it, I'd say that's money well spent.

Microphones have been mentioned a few times, but I feel that it is still important to mention it anyway. Good sound quality cannot be underestimated. Content creators like Vinnegar Dooshay and Rushlock don't use facecams, so their audiences rely solely on the smooth and buttery sounds of their voices for interaction with stream.

A microphone that a lot of streamers use, myself included, is the HyperX Quadcast. Priced at $99, it is a good value while also providing a few options for adjusting your sound to get it just right.

As someone that occasionally uses a facecam, I suggest the Logitech HD C922 ProStream. It sits on top of your monitor very unobtrusively and captures in 1080p. There are similar models with a microphone integrated, but I suggest to stay away from them so that there is no conflict with your stream mic. It's a decent price at a nice $69 on Amazon.

A good mic is essential, and can be had for pretty cheap. I started out with Neewer USB mics before going onto XLR ones, something similar to this:

The other main thing is lighting. Well positioned office lights or something can be more than enough, though streaming/photography lights can go a long way. Cheap lights like these are bright enough and are easy to set up:

Beyond that, nothing else is really necessary until later on. Making the stream seem as professional as possible, even on a small budget, is very important.

$100 is actually quite a fair bit to get a good setup - you can spend half that and still get an excellent setup.

First off, and without fail - a decent microphone. My preference is actually a headset and microphone combined - this Sennheiser has worked really well for me, it is relatively sturdy, lightweight and the sound quality (for both hearing and the microphone) is exceptional - decent price point, and really comfortable. It isn't a "can" type headphone, which some people prefer - i tried those before, but found that I got headaches, but this Sennheiser is the complete opposite - I can wear them for hours, and sometimes just forget that they are there. These are my go-to headset and mic! Less than 40quid.

Next item - and not essential as previously stated, is that of a webcam. I ummed and arred about getting a webcam, but opted to after a few years into streaming. I think having visibility of the streamer is really important, especially when playing a game like EVE online, and even more so when you are commanding a fleet of 30-40-50-60 people. It makes for a more engageing experience. Now the webcam i bought is a real entry level web-cam, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Less than 20 quid.

Now the next thing is a wildcard entry... you see lots of people with streamdecks - I personally don't have one; however i did make one which was far more rewarding!!

This was done for under 30quid. I purchased a usb joystick to keyboard converter which translates joystick, or button movements to keystrokes, bought a box, and some buttons and had a whale of a time in the process!

next up... a comedy horn, less than 10 quid

In summary:

  • Headset & mic - 40 quid

  • Webcam - 20 quid

  • Homemade Streamdeck - 30 quid

  • Comedy horn - 10 quid

All in 100quid. \o/ (comedy horn is of course optional!)

Lastly... software - OBS > twitch... #jobdone - you are a streamer, and you are a content creator... well done!

When I decided I want to stream regularly and set off on the path to become Affiliate, I've looked at setups other streamers were using to try and find something which was within my budget but would be a good quality upgrade compared to my webcam mic and simple bluetooth headset I use when commuting to the office.

My choice landed on the HyperX Cloud II wireless headset, and I didn't regret it so far:

  • comfortable and fairly light, which is important for long streaming sessions

  • detachable mic, with good noise cancelling

  • priced currently around £80, depends where you buy it, still a good value for price

I know professional streamers use stand alone mic, and would like to upgrade to that at some point, this is why I liked the idea of getting a headset with detachable mic, so when I upgrade, I can still use the headset.

The noise cancelling is fairly good I say, we sit next to each other with my partner, and managed to set up my headset so it doesn't pic up his voice when we talk on Discord. And as for the noise cancelling on the headset itself, I can still hear some of my surroundings and my own voice which is good for me, I don't like to be completely without any feedback sounds.

It has a USB dongle connection, easy to use with PC or console as well, comes with a fairly short charging cable. It lasts around 30 hours, and probably the only con I can say is that it doesn't warn you before it runs out. The light on it might be flashing, never checked that to be fair, but I got so used to my Sony headphones saying how many hours of charge it has left when I switch it on, and warning me to charge it before it would run out, I really miss that feature, so just got into the habit of charging the headset every other evening.

You can find the headset on Amazon here:

Just wanted to say that all these submissions are really excellent - thoughtful, helpful advice, and carefully selected product recommendations that fit the brief exactly. With these we can write a guide that'll give aspiring creators not just hope that they can achieve high production values without breaking the bank, but a plan for doing so.

A big thank-you to Schadsquatch, Letitia Lemon, Brother Grimoire, avrona, FUN INC, and Lanah Tyra.

These guides a really good idea, for future aspiring creators. I think most of us had to get started on our own, look up stuff, go with trial and error or ask friends how they do things, the guides out there on Youtube are either too long and clearly product advert, or not necessarily within the budget of someone just starting out.


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