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Setting goals for a channel like mine has always been difficult, because of its very stagnant growth. As such any prediction-making is near impossible. Though are some things that I hope will be somewhat possible next year, after over 10 years on the platform.

Firstly, I hope that the rate of sponsors and other paid work won't be so sporadic. In all of 2023 I had like one sponsored piece of content, and other related paid work relating to content creation has also been almost non-existent, so hoping that does finally improve.

Secondly, with hopefully help from the first point, I hope that financially everything will be good enough for me to start hiring people to help.

Finally, I also hope to get our second channel finally monetised next year.

In terms of how to get there, well there's not much I can do that I haven't been already doing for ages, so just gotta hope it's gonna be the year the channel finally picks up steam, after so many years of dubious growth.

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With 10+ years on the platform you've probably got a sizable chunk of data to analyse. Have you noticed a connection between the effort a video takes to make and the views it receives?

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Content creation, for me, has always been a hobby but I treat said hobby with the passion of a full-time creator and I always have so many ideas for things I want to do, just I sadly have no time to do them, due to the nature of my work in the entertainment industry. However, in 2024, I do have a few goals regarding the kinds of streams I want to do such as certain games I want to play, challenge runs I want to do... I've been thinking about doing more 24hr streams and other special events streams. I'd also been toying with ideas for other kinds of content outside of streaming, such as vlogging/blogging just to experiment with other platforms and how to reach wider audiences. I have other ideas within the creative industry that I also want to pursue but they aren't all necessarily related to content creation so, I guess, my goals for next year are to at least try to make progress on some of these ideas- for both content creation and in my overall life. Next year I hope to make a very progress-focused year after a more self-care focused year this year.

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Sounds like quite a packed schedule!

There was a bounty (closed now) that looked at peoples' day-to-day schedule, some of whom have posted on this bounty. You're all juggling so much, and I bet you've all got some great tips for making content go further!

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Okay so for me, 2024 is like this:

Minecraft channel.

We would love to hit 10k subscribers on this channel, this is our 2024 goal for this channel, and seeing as we are a month in of 6 months of pre-made content, we kinda think this is a goal we can attain. As we post, we create shorts, which gain and lose subscribers, some are a huge success, others are hit and miss, so with most things on YouTube, it's perseverance.

Eve Online Tutorials .

We don't have goals for this channel, it's mostly a hobby for us in terms of what it can make/sustain as the population of Eve Online is very fluid sometimes and of course, we have 5.9k Subscribers already and this is quite a chunk of the active player base as it is. So for this one, it's, post the content, and try to help/reach as many people as possible to get them into what I personally consider to be one of the best games online at this point.

Don't get me wrong I would love for the channels to blow up, but, wishes and dreams don't make the world go round, hard word and dedication do.

Overall, I just want to be a decent content creator who stays level with our community on both channels.

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I hope to gain 1,000 followers on my page in 6 months. I’d also like to sell 100 more music NFTs within 6 months. And I hope to have sponsored content through ads within 1 year.

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This year has been AMAZING for my content creation on Twitch.

Coming into 2024, I have a few goals:

  1. Grow my followers to 10k - This is very important because a lot of advertisers do not understand follower count vs live views.

  2. Increase my revenue and make my "full timer streamer" experiment permanent - I have been blessed with so much support this year that I decided to give a full time schedule a try. I hope to continue living this dream in 2024

  3. Expand my presence to other platforms - I know that putting one's eggs all in the same basket can be incredibly dangerous, so expanding to platforms such as Youtube and TikTok will go a long way to ensuring my longterm stability as a creator

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With my life about to be turned upside down in little under a month with the arrival of our first baby, I'm trying to look at 2024 as an opportunity to be flexible and adaptable which is pretty exciting!

Goal 1 - Make more long form content for YT

With my stream schedule set to be replaced with baby schedule I know what little time I get to play games is going to be snatched moments here and there for a while, so I'm aiming to do at least one video per month. This feels achievable and means I'll have more evergreen content I can share on socials for those days where I'm not able to stream.

Goal 2 - Make a music album

So way back in 2008 I graduated with my BA Hons in Music Production, have I done much with it since? No.

But the community I find myself in is incredibly talented and I'm looking to do some collabs, some reinventions of tracks my band wrote 15+ years ago and some individual tracks but with the goal of one track per month. 12 tracks total seems a sensible goal and I'm not going to limit myself, if I make 4 in a month I'll still aim to try and produce another and if we hit more than 12 tracks, fantastic!

Goal 3 - Establish a regular posting schedule for IG/Tik Tok

I'm a huge fan of indie games, 99% of the content I make is indie titles and things like Steam's NextFest are really exciting for me. I usually dedicate my streams during NextFest exclusively to trying as many demos as possible. Whilst I might not be able to commit to a regular streaming schedule in 2024 I can certainly grab time to try some short demos and post my thoughts and summaries on them. I haven't decided on what metrics I want to use to make this a SMART objective as yet, but as my background is in social media management and digital content no doubt I'll be taking a deep dive into some stats!

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That's awesome, congrats to you and your partner 🙂 Sounds like things are going to get busy!

I know EveOnlineTutorials has talked a bit about building a backlog of videos, so maybe that (and batch producing) would help you keep the channel more active?

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Yeh when we decided to launch a Minecraft we decided that we would batch record about 6 months worth of content, 5 days a week at 1 video a day and the weekends at 2 videos a day. So when it gets to three months, I will start recording more of them.

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  1. Continue to stream formal content at least twice a week with adhoc content in between.

  2. Continue to enjoy streaming!

  3. Hit 3K followers - it may not seem a lot in comparison to my peers here, however that will be doubling my current total that has taken me 5 years to get to!

  4. Continue to improve the NPSI community gateway website showcasing other NPSI content providers (for non-EVE players, this is a public calendar for public content that our group runs)

  5. Continue to tweet, and post relevant content to instagrame hopefully driving people to the website above.

I kind of fell into streaming by accident, so am not a hardcore streamer, however if it helps the other aspects of the content creation that I do then I will be happy - driving people to our content, to engage with each other and develop relationships is a huge win:win for the community.

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End of this year has been a bit hectic so I couldn't keep consistent with my content schedule, so first goal for next year is to set a schedule which will fit my new job I'm starting in January and to start using a content management tool to schedule social media posts so I have more time to edit videos and have the content still going if I'm away on holiday or busy with work.

Set up multi-streaming to Youtube and maybe to Kick as well to reach a wider audience and be more consistent on posting some form of short content after each of my streams to promote the content I'm doing.

Want to find time for a variety stream session (if not weekly then at least every 2 weeks or one all day long session a month) and would use this time to do more sponsored content via StreamElements.

Would like to become Twitch Affiliate by the time FFXIV Dawntrail comes out in the summer.

Planning to have a weekly video series leading up to FFXIV Dawntrail launch, I want to draft the plan for that after the Fan Fest in January when we might get a precise release date announcement (if not then I'll just have to do my best guess)

We took a break from organising FFXIV raid teaching sessions on my Discord as interest was not that high for old content and we decided to take this time to recharge and focus a bit on boring RL must sort out things, but want to revive the Discord after FFXIV Dawntrail launch when we might get a new 48 man content to do (chances are low but I refuse to give up hope, Yoshi-P will listen one day XD)

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I have been thinking about this and the biggest goal for me for 2024 with my content creation is to branch out to other platforms and start investing time into creating offline long form content. I really want to branching out to YouTube and start creating videos, editing and scripting. I really feel that these skills are things that I can learn now and use in my future, but it would be amazing to have there on the side alongside the live streaming.

I think when it comes to creating content, being able to show a variety of different forms of content go along way. Plus on a more personal side, I do want to get back into video editing and sometimes I just want to sit at a camera and just talk about a certain topic

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I was surprised to see how high up the list of most watched Just Talking was on Twitch, but it seems to be a popular companion to gaming content!

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I have set several goals for myself, one of which is to get accustomed to a goal-oriented system.

  1. Implement and follow the OKR philosophy (Objectives and Key Results) to keep myself focused on what truly matters. There is a step-by-step plan, which hopefully will reach completion by March 2024.

  2. Migrate my website to the WordPress framework in Q1 2024. This is a big challenge, as I need to learn new technology, create a design, rethink the pages' structure, and lastly, migrate more than 150,000 existing pages with the hope of not losing anything.

  3. By Q2 2024, regain back 1 million monthly unique readers, which I lost after the latest 'Google update' to SEO policies. The success of goal #2 plays a major role in achieving this.

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That's a huge amount of content, but it looks like you've got a solid plan to tackle it!

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Okay so my goals for 2024 are:

  1. 1000 subs on YouTube: Hate goals like this as it is something out of your control but it a easy way of seeing progress. Going from 49 subscribers to 1000 is a big jump but stranger things have happened (I think). Hopefully my plans for this year will help over the year.

  2. Average 20 views on Twitch: I think for this goal it is less about streaming and more the work around it. Promoting on other platforms (YouTube/Tik Tok/Threads) working on emotes and overlays. Also find my niche have streams not just playing games. Incorporate my love of photography maybe even tournament.

  3. Get freelance work: My hope is as I make more stuff I can get more confidant and have a body of work to show I can do good video editing.

  4. Get a Job in the games industry: Yeah a bit farfetch'd but screw it aim high. Would love to work as a video editor. Maybe even live and work in London (ha ha ha). Aiming high.

  5. Consistency: Properly the hardest (wait no four is) goal with a move coming up this year and soon but yeah hope to have one Youtube video two Twitch streams and Alan Partridge in a pear tree. (Sorry) Oh and lastly.

  6. Podcast: A monthly podcast Going threw the animated Disney movies from Snow White to Present. I would like a weekly gaming one as well but the monthly one for a start.

These are my goals for 2024.

I screwed up the number thing. How is that even possible.


Ok I am going to be totally transparent in the hope that these help someone else who is a small creator , as under each of these goals will be the tasks that I will do regularly to drive me towards these goals, so think about breaking them down into smaller bite sized goals! 3 of my current Smart goals are as follows -

I want to grow the number of views the Gamerz WRLD channel gains each month to 600k to double our ad revenue to £800 per month by releasing minimum 1 evergreen long form Xbox related videos per week. I will reach 600k by 30 Dec 2024

I want to grow the number of views the Pure PSX channel gains each month to 300k to reach ad revenue of £400 per month by releasing minimum 1 evergreen long form PlayStation related video. I will reach 300k by 13 June 2023.

I want to Launch the NEW Channel by year end (date tbc dependant on external factor, ideally summer) then if channel launches before Q4 calendar year target is to to hit a total of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watchtimeso I can monetise the channel. I will reach 1000 subs total and 4000 hours watchtime by the end of the year by releasing 3 Long form videos per week and 1 short form - minimum.


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