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Thanks to Lanah Tyra for this bounty suggestion. I can't wait to see all cute little critters! 😊

Shame that streaming was not a thing back in the day when I had my cat walking on my keyboard during a castle siege in Lineage II 😂

Here is my submission! Featuring Saphira the Cute Cat and Lighting MooQueen the Cardboard Cow.

P.S I named the cat and chat named the cow...

Saphira is so cute and photogenic! 😍

Don't forget to connect your X / Twitter account and make sure you use the Submit to this bounty button rather sharing as a reply.

Feel free to tag me ( Boomer) if you've got any questions 🙂

ahh my bad. Should be reposted now! Thank you. My X account is all linked up but was having a problem with instagram and YouTube connections. Have reported it as a bug

This year this cute slime from the Slime Rancher game traveled more than 10000 km, he is quite famous on Google Maps ;)

This is Vixen, she's a rescue and when I was downstairs (the office is upstairs now) and streaming on Twitch, she would come and jump up at me and make appearances on stream!

Twitter Link:

Vixen is PRECIOUS. 10/10 would snuggle and spoil with treats 😍

My boys Archer and Echo regularly make appearances on stream and are even immortalised as emotes too! And just in case the link at the top doesn't work you can see them on stream here

While technically the pet of our friend down the road, Molly often stays with us and makes appearances in my content. I do certainly want to show her on camera lot more often, but I'm still experimenting on how to best utilise her cuteness, and how best cross her with tech. I loved this little photoshoot we did comparing her size to a modern graphics card:

Love this bounty; in fact, I love any opportunity to share the amazing puppers that are or have been in my life.

First two pictures are my girl Bailey and my sisters dog, Maverick. At the end of 2022 we lost our two boys were my absolute world and Bailey and I were really grieving and I couldn't really see a way to recover from this grief but I knew I had to find a way because Bailey was hurting too and missing her best friends. Queue Maverick arriving in our lives. Maverick is a retired police dog who spent 8 years working as a bomb and drug detection dog and also used as an attack dog. Now he lives his life with comfy sofas, homemade food, top quality kibble and unlimited love and affection. Not to mention, a crazy, energetic and loving girlfriend. Maverick has taught Bailey manners and friendship after losing the boys who were her entire world for the first 3 years of her life.

The other two pictures are my boys Johnny and Aluko. Johnny is the little ginger boy, and Aluko is the husky. To say these two boys saved my life is NOT an understatement. Johnny came into my life when I was battling the darkest point of my mental health and he helped me in a way that no professionals, no medication or anything else could.

I saved Aluko's life and then he repaid me in kind. His owners couldn't control him nor give him a fraction of what he needed (and deserved) and was 2 weeks away from being euthanized because there was no rescue space available for him. A few years after bringing him into my pack I began having seizures and very quickly he started warning me of them incoming, multiple times a day at its worst and he even helped protect me during seizures by stopping me falling from my bed, and cushioning my head from thrashing against a concrete floor.

My life will never be the same without those boys, but I couldn't be more thankful for the happy years we had together

Here is my submission! Featuring Saphira the Cute Cat and Lighting MooQueen the Cardboard Cow. I named the cat and chat named the cow…

I'm jealous of all you guys with furry companions - mine are in a box on the shelf sniff :(

This is "Bill". He is a stuffed toy donkey, namesake, and logo-inspiration of my blog.

My awesome lil fur beast real like pokemon Amber is without a doubt my co-star, support, manager and superstar! Under the link submission I’ve also included a short video clip of her in action! Haha enjoy!

Ps Here’s two other wee vids if you think she’s a wee beast and want more Amber in your life! 🐶🥰🎮

and another … I swear I am done lol but you asked for this asking about peoples pets haha 😜

Amber the Pug's First day home! VLOG! Pug Puppy!

ahhhh look at her! “Stop watching the Witcher and give treat!”

Ok I swear I’ve got it out my system now, I’ll stop posting about Amber 🐶….


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