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Content Creators

I mean It's late and had a long raid 😂

No streaming for me at present, just video-making this week :)

Do you have a schedule which days you post new videos? I'm trying to find a good way to make them consistent but at the moment it's pretty much when I have time / something funny happened in raid / there is a seasonal event in FFXIV

For me, since YouTube is just a hobby I'm shaping into supplemental income for the future, I just want to put something out every calendar week, honestly. I get my best results from videos, so one edited let's play, list feature or opinion piece a week. Then if I have time to put out a stream as well, its gravy.

It's hard to schedule for me because I know as soon as I promise something, I'll have a bad-brain-day and not have it in me to make it happen lol.

I was good at keeping to the one video a week schedule when I was doing my FFXVI guides, so hoping I'll find similar content in FF7 Rebirth as well and I can make regular content out of it.

I was pushing streaming a bit more lately to get to Affiliate on Twitch but want to get back to make regular videos on Youtube as I have some FFXIV guide ideas... just I need to find the time to record the footage for that and edit while still keeping a consistent stream schedule. Having a capture card now helps as I can have raw footage from my streams without the overlays and talking on it and use that.

I don't play FF, but I was checking out your channel to see what you do and it seems like your guide videos get consistently great views! I'm a bit surprised at the delta between your views and sub count, honestly. Definitely think you should have more :)

Thank you for the nice feedback! I'm surprised at the views they are getting, clearly I managed to hit something there with the algorithm. Will try to make similar content and see how that is going.

I wonder if it's that classic "I'm stuck and frustrated and just need to see someone else do it real quick" YouTube search thing? Honestly I've got no suggestions on how to overcome that sub delta, but hopefully people come to see your channel as a good one to have tabs on now that you can record your gameplay separately and upload overlay-free vids more often!

What I do is sit down one night a week and make 7 videos lol, one a day drop if I have time to do this, but having lots of kids n multiple jobs, not always possible but I am for one a day at least

Streaming once a week on Friday evening on Twitch. 17-20h CET for first some Coffee and Gwent where I taste a new or different kind of coffee everytime and chat a bit about it while playing Gwent. Followed up by a playthrough, currently playing The Witcher, which is fun. Once a week just works at the moment, hopefully more in the future though.

You had me at coffee. I love Gwent I'll definitely try to catch your stream, it sounds like a really nice chill time with a great game and great coffee!

Thank you all who have been checking out my streams these past 2 weeks. It's been such a bumpy ride, when I was doing 3 big FFXIV raids a week I didn't have the follower count to qualify for Affiliate, but had higher viewer count... now that I have the followers, viewers are not quite there, but finally I got my average viewers above 2 💜Not far till Affiliate now!

And views on Youtube are also slowly but steadily climbing!


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