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This month I am nominating one of our own, I don't know his tag on here, but this video, for me, hits the feels and shows what Eve Online is really like.

IMO a video like this, shows what Eve Online is in many aspects, the sheer violence of the game that it is capable of, the destruction but also, the sheer scope of fighting and of course the teamwork, cooperation required etc.

Plus let's be honest, this song is just an amazing song for me, I often play it when I have my thinking head on because it helps me focus. So yeh, this one for me this month :)

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I only just starting to watch this channel in the last few weeks because I perceived their messaging as too partisan rather than objective journalism. BUT, as it turns out they have an incredible stable of experts in law, government, and scholars, both current and former in their roles.

Also I hadn’t realized that Ben Meiselas (the founder) is a lawyer who actually represented Colin Kaepernick after he took a knee during the national anthem to protest police violence.

The thumbnails and video titles are once again VERY partisan and click baity, which is why it took me so long to actually click one, but this video in particular has some fantastic legal analysis which the channel is known for, breaking theories and dissecting strategies in law and politics, often the first in the media sphere.

This video in particular describes how a simple, seemingly colloquial gesture in a press conference sets Donald Trump up with a claim to appeal his criminal trial on the grounds of “advice of counsel.”

You see these robust, hyperbolic titles and thumbs, but really, there is incredible information in here.

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Fellow redditors may have stumbled upon r/malelivingspace, a subreddit dedicated in showing off the amazing adequate interior design of those that possess a Y chromosome. The natural next step for this concept is to actually visit and interview those that inhabit that space so in comes 'Boy Room Show' hosted by comedienne Rachel Coster

The concept works so well as we all know the stereotype of a "messy boy's room" but extending it to grown adults. Retaining the word 'boy' in the title is a genius move as it retains the juvenile quality of a messy bedroom despite it being mature adults inhabiting the living space.

The actual show is also amazing. Taking a page from Borat, Nathan for You, and interview comedy, the humour comes out in the responses of the 'boy' being so natural and yet surreal. In the example above, Levi thinks is perfectly natural to have his first rat tail hung up on his wall and we can understand personal achievements being displayed in room but our minds still struggle to connect the two concepts.

Lastly is Rachel's analysis of the room. It's great as she does have lots of practical advice for interior decorating, even if it's as obvious as hanging up your clothes on the rack. But also leans into the outlandish elements such as suggesting Levi grow another rat tail to display.

Stella's avatar video by Jordan Theresa!

At first glance the title may seem like its just going to be a gender-wary type video (perhaps to get people to click on the content) but then she delves into some really interesting analysis of gender-based socialisation and how household work gets divided up by gender - all based in research :)

I find her way of explaining topics really engaging. It's the perfect mix of humour and sensitivity!

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An analysis of a video that analyzes another video... it's like Inception!


Mine has to be one of my favourite Youtubers PokeDaxi! I really enjoy how he breaks down a lot of the pokemon go events that are coming up, I much prefer to watch his videos than I do to read the pokemon go text updates

The reason I enjoy his content is that he is straight to the point, he breaks down the new news with visuals and also shows me the shiny odds and shiny pokemon that are available which is what I am really intereseted in.

He also talks about steps you can do in pokemon go to improve completing some tasks in the future!

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Another one from my new favourite tutorial guy. Harris is starting a new video guide series from how to set up OBS for your very first stream to niche things like making fancy alert, using a Stream Deck and all that stuff. Where were videos like this when I started? No annoying music, speech is clear and easy to follow. Most of the display is filled with the actual screen so you can easily follow along and set up your own OBS. Even the adverts are short and relevant to the topic of the video. I especially like the adverts at the back for his own products, that Spotify music list is free and it's golden. Already learnt some new things from this video, looking forward to the next in the series!

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Today, I’m highlighting the YouTube channel Camera Conspiracies, renowned for its humorous and sometimes sarcastic reviews of cameras, lenses, and other photography gear. The creator takes a lighthearted and comedic approach to debunking marketing hype and critically evaluating the practical usability of camera equipment for both professional photographers and enthusiasts.

The channel's content includes field tests, vlogs, and comparison videos that are both informative and entertaining. The creator has a distinctive style, marked by numerous rhetorical questions aimed at major brands. Imagine a blend of tech blogger and stand-up comedian - that's Camera Conspiracies for you.

By the way, the content on Camera Conspiracies is quite handy for streamers and video creators as well, as it often shares interesting techniques for using post-production software as well as gear recommendations for vlogging and live streaming.

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I've been watching a YouTube channel called Noclip since it's launch, about 6 years ago, and their video game documentaries are really impressive. If you've never heard of them then I highly recommend you check out the Half-Life and CD Projekt videos. It was founded by Danny O'Dwyer, who was widely known before Noclip as a host and video producer at Gamespot.

Recently though, they came into possession of thousands of video tapes containing video game media spanning the late 1990s to 2010, such as E3 conferences, game trailers, and footage of early game releases, most which had not previously been available on YouTube or anywhere else and are slowly going through the process of digitising them all.

A few days ago now they uploaded a video of what they've found so far and if you even have a passing interest in video game history, you should give it a look.

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I know this guy well. I loved his documentary on Half Life following a major anniversary of the game.


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