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Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma
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Thief vocation is absolute OP! I have a sample video where is displayed a common strategy:

A brief

This video showcases a battle where I take down the formidable Drake in just about 3 minutes - despite being new to the Thief's vocation. Accompanied only by a level 1 Hunter main pawn with basic skills and a couple of lower-leveled random pawns, this fight highlights the sheer strength of this build.

Essential Skills for Victory

  • Blades of the Pyre: Unleashes significant damage.

  • Formless Feint: Key for complete damage avoidance (including magic).

Battle Tactics

  1. Activate Formless Feint

  2. Walk in and poke any target

  3. Aim for the weak spot with Blades of the Pyre.

  4. Retreat and deactivate Formless Feint to regenerate stamina if it drops below 15%.

  5. Repeat the process until the target is defeated.


Firstly, I'd say Sturmer's build is spot on for being OP and blitzing through anything that stands in your way.

Building up to that spec though, I have found using a Mage as my main pawn then opting for warriors/fighters as the other 2 to help absorb some of the damage thrown out by enemies.

The thief can dish out some excellent DPS but from a defensive perspective isn't so great so having a couple of heavier hitters to distract enemies from you is a real help, coupled with some healing capabilities from a Mage can make life a lot easier!

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I play Thief vocation quite differently.

I use it as a tank while all my pawns are speced max damage, usually archers and one magik archer for occasional heals.

I use Formless Feint as core ability to survive any damage, including magic. I also do not sprint or use any abilities, to conserve stamina. Even standard attacks provide good damage and apply enough aggro to keep foes attention on me thanks to augmentations.

Key augmentations need for this build:

Provocation Increases the likelihood of being targeted by foes by 100%.

Endurance Increases your maximum Stamina by 150.

Exaltation Augments your Stamina recovery speed by 10 per second.

Three other pick any you like, maybe a caring capacity or something like that for utility.

For skills, I use 2 slots for jumps and last one for smoke bomb, so I can regen stamina while hiding in smoke.


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