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A moment of Triglavian Unity, where we all decided to dunk on a Frat mining fleet guarded by a Vargur. I didn't think it was possible, but my FC took the intel and ran it. Thx FC. I'm just along for the ride in a phobos.

A moment of Triglavian Unity, where everyone joined forces to dunk a Frat mining fleet guarded by a Vargur. Good fight to the defenders as well. :D

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I'd been out of the loop for a couple of weeks because of some RL issues, so was keenly waiting to form up our now infamous FUN INC go to doctrine ShrinkWrapped - Combat Raptors / Inties for my weekly NPSI roam. (more details about NPSI here >

Taking X's from the "EBWF public" channel, we formed up 32 capsuleers to head out into the wilderness of nullsec.

Our first stop was Thera, and then into Kalevala Expanse for some shenanigans with Horde. Unfortunately they were not down for too much pew pew but we did manage to catch a few blingy kills before the standing fleet came for us. We promptly gtfo'd and headed back to Thera to raid another area.

Notable kills: Tengu & Pod

6.35bn in kills for the loss of an fleet interdictor, we opted for a quick slide into Dekelin and Fade which has been hopping recently.

It didnt disappoint!

I was aiming to get us a fleet fight, which sadly didn't transpire... but we left towards Taisy via Torrinos grabbing some other nice kills in the process!

15.0BN isk destroyed, 32 pilots - 2 losses, 1 dictor and 1 inty


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