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I tried Homefronts when they were first released and I found it an enjoyable experience overall, even with the losses of a few ships as we adjusted to the sites.

High Security space should offer plenty of content that new or returning players can interact with and Homefronts fill that need to an extent. The variety of activities gives players a practical application for different skills in a unique enviroment.

I only have two critiques of Homefronts overall"

  1. For the love of all that is good and holy in this world PLEASE STOP JAMMING ME. Jams are annoying and make my blood pressure rise.

  2. I feel that including Homefront Exclusive loot, much like how Molecular Condensers were unique to HS and LS data sites, would encourage more players to try them and reward them for running them. Maybe some cool blueprints, LP, or just a chance at some faction drops would cause the popularity of them to skyrocket

TL;DR - Homefronts good, Jams bad

Maybe an escalation type of 'jackpot' instead of loot, which is harder to split evenly among non multi boxers.

Homefronts are rad. They've got something for everybody, they're relatively safe to pick up group with strangers, bar for entry is low, isk is good. Feels like a good old themed five man dungeon run, and when groups get grinding it's nice. My personal favorite is Abyssal Artifact Recovery because of... well... the abyssal artifacts. Can't tell you much more or I'll cannabalize my little market niche, but I will say all of the new ore types have very rich descriptions.

In addition, this is THE Homefront Operations discord, ran by one of my amazing directors. Check it out!


I've run Homefront sites a couple of times now.

The first night in particular we had a small group of fleet mates and we played for around 3.5hours.

It was a really enjoyable session - and I think there is some great introductory content in their for some newer pilots.

It was perhaps a touch tough in some instances - we are vets of the game, all having played for +15 years each, and we failed quite a few times - however the barrier for entry is so cheap, it was super easy to get back into it as/when we died without too much pressure on the ol' iskies! Plus you gotta love a challenge from the word go and we really enjoyed that aspect of it that it felt liek a challenge rather than just walking in and pressing a win button.

I liked that it was collaborative and at times it felt like a bit of a riddle to solve at times in order to complete each of the missions. I really liked that it gave you an introduction to remote repairs, and coordinating multiple things at the same time - it felt like patting my head, whilst stroking my belly whilst trying to hop on one foot at a few times! That said, after an initial couple of hiccups, we were rolling through the events with relative ease!

It hasnt helped me meet new players as I fleetd up with my regulars - however I am faintly considering running these via the NPSI calendar...


...so watch this space!

These have been fantastic in my experience. Running a public fleet for them has introduced me to more players that are active during my more quiet TZ. They've done exactly what they were designed for, in my utilization, for showing new players something to do together, socially, while exposing them to various activities in the game.

As they are intended as a new player or new member activity, I hope to see brainstorming on how to make them more available. It can get frustrating landing on occupied sites, over and over, even in an earlier TZ. Moving it away from Jita/Caldari space makes it less accessible, so I'm not sure what the answer would be.

I think Homefront Operations are a brave move by CCP, and it's paid off.

Historically, the majority of PvE in New Eden could be perceived as being a one-player activity. No corp-mates active? No problem. I'll just run a few missions.

But you can rule that idea out for the Homefront Operations. Even a talented multi-boxer would be tested by the multiple skills and ships required to complete it.

And yet, a small fleet of enthusiastic pilots - even relatively new - could band together and master them quite quickly. Develop skills in hacking, logistics and fighting while learning about flying in a fleet. It certainly ticks Eve's desire to expand things on a social level.

I can see H.O. being expanded to suit whatever storyline is being unfolded at any point. CCP have said that they'd do as much. They're clearly working on the premise that a corp that plays together stays together. Which can only be a good thing.

Homefront Operations has certainly shaken things up in EVE Online. The emphasis on collaboration and defending home systems is a unique twist that encourages players to work together. I've seen mixed reactions among players; some enjoy the strategic depth it adds, while others find it challenging to adapt to the new mechanics. It's always intriguing to witness how expansions like these reshape the gameplay dynamics and stir up conversations in the player community.

i rather enjoy them, it was a much needed update and I hope CCP uses this method of game design and implements it into other areas of the game.

I could see this system being implemented into other regions like null sec & pochven


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