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James 's avatar for week 2 Will be a 3rd video on Semi Finals / Finals

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Another great summary :)

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Thanks I'm only in the last month learning DaVinci resolve

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I wouldn't know where to begin! Rich and I are waiting with bated breath for the third video

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I hate to be a party pooper but that video didn't tell me anything about what happened in week 2 of the Alliance Tournament. Sorry :/

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Holy maple syrup! Them final matches were downright bonkers, I gotta say! The excitement was ramped up higher than a superbowl, but not quite as crazy as a Stanley Cup final, you know?

Just add a half-time show with Céline or Félix! Oh wait, Sorry!

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Loving the enthusiasm! Not sure you if meant this as a formal bounty submission rather than a comment, but if so I'm afraid we don't feel it quite meets what we were looking for.

JH is Chad and I's recap of the finals, and oh my gosh this was an amazing finale!

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My man Ghostie with the great recaps.

Man is getting me excited for more tournaments


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