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Personally it would be cool if there was an event where capsuleers receive some sort-of transmission from the hole and have to work together to decipher it from some sort of encryption and try to help whatever sent the transmission.

That or a massive titan sized ship emerges from there with a flewt of smaller ships and start going through systems and players would have to try and stop it before it reaches some system

In the ever-evolving universe of EVE Online, the future of the EVE Gate holds limitless possibilities. As a player, I'd love to see the EVE Gate become a dynamic focal point for in-game events and player-driven content. Here's what I envision:

Exploration and Discovery: The EVE Gate could become a hub for exploration missions and archaeology sites. Players could delve deeper into its mysteries, uncovering ancient technologies and lore that could impact the game's narrative.

Player-Driven Factions: The Gate might be the center of conflicts between player-driven factions, vying for control and influence over its resources, technology, and strategic significance.

Dynamic Wormhole Network: The Gate could serve as a catalyst for expanding the wormhole network, providing new connections to distant regions of space and opportunities for emergent gameplay.

Gateway to New Regions: Over time, the EVE Gate could lead to new regions of space, each with unique resources, challenges, and storylines, encouraging players to venture beyond known space.

Temporal Events: The Gate's mysterious nature might allow for temporal events or time travel, enabling players to revisit pivotal moments in EVE's history or explore alternate timelines.

Player-Built Infrastructure: Imagine players constructing their own structures and stations around the EVE Gate, creating a bustling player-controlled hub with unique economic opportunities.

Story-Driven Content: CCP Games could use the EVE Gate as a canvas for immersive, story-driven events, where player choices impact the unfolding narrative.

Ultimately, I hope the EVE Gate continues to be a source of intrigue and adventure, offering both individual and collaborative experiences for players, all while enriching EVE Online's ever-expanding universe.

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If we make the following assuptions, 1) a wormhole only connects two exact points in space and 2) we abide the original lore (the main example is the EVE Universe: Origins trailer video), the EVE Gate would lead back to the Milky Way.

What would be there? The original human civilization, if it had lasted this long. It has to be remembered that the New Eden we know now is set many hundreds of years AFTER the collapse of the EVE Gate which in turn where originally discovered in a far future of humanity where humans had spread throughout the galaxy. Thus, it is to be seen IF and HOW humanity had continued in the Milky Way, especially since we don't know what happened on that side of the EVE Gate when they collapsed.

Personally? I believe it should not be touched, unless they want to reconnect the two galaxies which, to me, doesn't make that much sense. At most you could use it as part of something bigger, for example by using its energy fluctuations as a hint/piece of a bigger puzzle es. "we saw the energy fluctuation changed in response to the events x, y, z that happened there so we can infer that etc", kind of like the series of lore chronicles/writings centered on the isogen where happenings related to isogen where seen from various points in the known galaxy. Otherwise, the EvE Gate is good the way it is, as place to visit "where it had all started".

"Knock ... Knock" on the front door It´s a gurista pirate selling cookies I ask him: " what type of cookies he has?" He says: "Quafe, Fatiguedust and macadamia nut" I say: "how about the the Fatiguedust?" He goes: "treefiddy" "What´s treefiddy?" i reply. "Three ISK and fifty cents" It was about the time that i noticed my spaceships had no doors and the gurista pirate was about 500 feet tall, floating in space and from a paleolithic era God Damnit Loch Ness Monster, I ain't gonna give you no tree fiddy!

Another time i was out with a friend in the ice roids down by the The Kalevala Expanse.

Ey, did you slept? Am I boring to you? Ah, ok nevermind.

Just need to think where i stopped in the story. Also down in the The Kalevala Expanse, in these ice roids. There i got a conversation request from another capsuleeer. He wrote"He is old timer and just relogging to eve" So i respond "how could i help and old fellow?" Which he asked "The Jumpbridges did ask me for money but i am tree fiddy short. I was like "what in the heck is treefiddy?" Which got promptly replied by "Three ISK and fifty cents" It was about the time that i noticed which the Charakter name was Mc Holeness. God Damnit Loch Ness Monster, I ain't gonna give you no tree fiddy!

So be with me here! How can it be here if the wormhole wouldn´t be still active? It could be right now with us. You all should inspect the hole for treefiddy.

Honestly i like the idea to place lore and fundamental history ingame, and if there is the right idea, at the right time, with just the right people you could give it back some breath of life. We already have this for example with the race where head from point A to B to C to you get the idea.

So give me the player rescue mission or the lowsec to Highsec NPC Invasion out of the hole?! Nah massiv blackout from an energy blast out of the hole?

Uhh!!!!YES, ALIENS!!!!!!!

Five minutes and 3 seconds in, I give my ideas on what should happen to the Eve Gate in the third decade of Eve Online.


Radiation readings spike, particle emissions increase, making close study impossible. Everything seems to indicate an eruption from within, energy gradually concentrates at its core, small material leaks start to appear. Nearby ships must retreat and begin experiencing equipment malfunctions. The Sisters of EVE recommend evacuating the system and continuing monitoring with drones. Eruptions become more frequent, the moment of the grand eruption approaches, anticipation builds until the constellation is fully illuminated. A brilliant explosion releases all accumulated energy, radiation and other particles are shot throughout the region. Communication interference occurs, damage is considerable but can be addressed over the course of months.

A year after the eruption, the study of the EVE Gate resumes. However, as exploration drones approach to take initial samples, they come across ship remains. Upon closer inspection, these are not familiar ships; they bear strange markings. After taking samples, it is discovered that these remains are from some of the last ships attempting to cross the gate before it collapsed. It is still unknown where they came from. They may have been hidden nearby the anomaly before the eruption brought them close enough to be recovered.

Now the race has begun. All empires have allocated enormous resources to recover as many remains as possible and reclaim all lost technology, enabling the development of a new series of ships with capabilities never before seen in New Eden.

It leads back to the Milky Way in the year 23K Totally seperate humans, completely different technology and culture. Downside? Sol and Terra are gone.


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