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EVE Online
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Was in a research for a #justabout bounty and came up with the Information about how many NPCs we killed. This Information is also know available but little bit more cryptic in the ecomemy Reports.


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The story is that some 43 minutes before this kill, the Viridian expansion had gone live. These books had existed in-game for less than one hour when I got this kill.

The killmail says the value is 133 mil. The actual value was over 20 billion isk.

So, for that reason, this is my favourite Eve tweet :D


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I'd like to submit this one from last year's Frigate Free For All event where we broke all the records for kills in Low Sec space (including the ones we had set just the year before) and set the 4th highest single system event numbers in the history of Eve Online.


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Great to have you here, Rixx!


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