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Trying to Touch a Titan

When I started playing Eve Online Titans were rare, the only time you saw one was right before you exploded to one. There was a website that kept track of every Titan in the game and who the pilot was. In our neck of the woods down in Providence, Against All Authorities had an Avatar Titan that was piloted by Jenna Trueman. I know this because this Avatar had exploded our ships more than a few times.

One day I was out scouting systems in a cloaked Manticore. I had become an expert at finding, logging, and bookmarking enemy POS shields - as well as often cracking their codes and stealing contents from inside of them. One this day I found myself in F4R just as a large -A- fleet of nearly 200 pilots entered the system. One of whom was Jenna in her Avatar. It didn't take long to pin-down the location of the POS shield the Avatar was hiding inside of and I warped into range. At this point I had been in local for several hours so my presence did not raise any alarms.

This was a Deathstar POS and the enemy fleet was actively moving ships back and forth both outside and inside of the shields. The danger was becoming un-cloaked, which would immediately spell the end of my little adventure. I carefully navigated the constantly moving surroundings and eventually found myself close to the shields. What I planned to do was daring and would probably mean my death, but I never hesitated. I aligned my little stealth-bomber to a bookmark I had in deep space and began trying to break the shield code.

My plan was simple and the prize would be a clean screenshot of the Titan from as close as possible. But first, I needed that code. It took me about thirty minutes but eventually I cracked it. Now for timing. Entering the shields would mean de-cloaking my ship. So I needed to be in warp when that happened. And I needed to grab the shot. All in a matter of a few precious seconds.

That incident proved that it could be done. And, only a little over a week later, I'd get another chance at something even more epic. This time I found myself even further afield when I spotted an Erebus Titan on scan. It was only me in system and tracking it down didn't take long. Before I knew it I was outside another POS shield looking at yet another Titan. Alone in system.

Once again I started trying to crack the shield code and luckily for me, this one proved to be even easier. That's when I started yelling on comms for help. I was a very young player character back then and couldn't fly a Titan and, frankly, I didn't know anyone who could. Unfortunately this was off-hours for our Alliance and very few people were around. A half-dozen or so players finally showed up to try and help, but none of us could figure out what to do. This became frustratingly obvious when we realized that none of us had brought any fuel along for jumps.

Eventually we decided the only course of action was to bump the ship out of the shields and leave it there. Which is exactly what we ended up doing. While also stealing whatever we could carry from the modules inside the POS.

Some stories don't end with the narrator achieving the greatest goal ever. And not every story is one that will be remembered forever in the annuals of Eve history. More often than not, great stories are about pushing your own limits and discovering adventure on your own terms. One day, long ago, I almost stole a Titan. And, for me, that is a pretty amazing tale.

-Rixx Javix

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It's not the "greatest" non-combat story, but for some reason this bounty made me think of this one and I thought I'd share it. Hope you enjoy.

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Not so much a story... but I was pretty darn proud of this one tbh!

It is pretty rare for an alert in game like this!

The presentation was around 1 hour long, and the roam netted 5.5BN isk in kills, and is still available on Twitch > https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1692099732

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I managed to get two Alliance Logos approved by CCP and they are currently in the game:

White FIag [GONXT]

More: https://thegreybill.wordpress.com/2023/08/08/presenting-white-fiag-gonxt/


Lock Range Enjoyers [EWAR]


And I also have something with more gameplay: I managed to steal an unanchored athanor from within a wormhole while on a very tight schedule. And I even went back later to scoop the rest. :D


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Something small, something that people take for granted but for me is a milestone, something that I did yesterday literally. I've always been a subcapital pilot, eve since I started Playing EVE back in 2019 never like the idea of a capital ships, most rookies that bought omega had enough to buy a carrier and where able to fly it in theor first year, and finally I managed to buy my first ever Dreadnought and by far one of prettiest ships in the game, one that I always wanted ever since I learned about it so many years ago, a Revelation-class Amarr Dreadnought wearing the logo of the alliance I belong. Why is it so special? becuase I bought it myself, with my own money, something I've been saving up for months, ratting isntead of doing PVP, and it was worth it. I've always been part of a dreadbomb (when multiple dreads are deployed)either on the receiving end or in a sub-capital ship as support and for the first timeI can be part of the ACTUAL bomb of dreads. I'm counting the days until I can finally use it.

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Well, it's not a very riveting tale.

I was rolling a wormhole with some friends and SOMEONE got the math wrong, leaving the rolling Megathron I was piloting in Nullsec. Alone, afraid, and naked in my amniotic pool that is my pod, I bravely made 50 jumps back to Hisec and kept the Megathron alive.

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Running/Leading an alliance wide JF Service with a trusty, honorful team. Maybe it is nice to mention which the above JF is my first and only one <3 But i can´t tell you how old she is but she ages very well and gets her cleaning from time to time.


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