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I have been to 7 fanfests thus far.

My first fanfest was all about the presentations - with each fanfest that has shifted, when the presentations are almost secondary now behind the people!

People are what makes fanfest what it is. This year was no different. FUN INC is a small corp - we have only around 70 people in corp, but we had around 13 people come to FF - around 20% of the corp which is an amazing turnout.

There are so many memories about fanfest over the years for me:

Here are some pics from my earlier years of attending...

touching down in 2014 Iceland for the first time and seeing this within 5mins of getting off the plane!

heading straight to the Blue Lagoon for a dip in 2014!

The first monument pre-tiling in 2014!

The first monument unveiling 2014!

Seeing spaceship billboards around the centre of town!

Landing again in 2015!

Northern lights 2015!

Solar eclipse 2015!

Valkyrie 2016?

finding and Agony Unleashed business card in a geocache on the shore outside Harpa!

Just in the last few years, my shift has also moved from being a passenger / follower, to being a leader - i have run x2 player events - a charity raffle and drinks last year, and this year a brunch and charity raffle - both raising £1.3K and £1K respectively. Last year I also presented about "Community Enrichment & Development", and this year I hosted a co-presentation about the "you and I in community". I was also one of the guests on the CCPTV show last year speaking with CCP Goat and Convict about NPSI; and I was also a Guest FC at the NFSI LAN party this year killing 4.5BN isk and getting 82 kills in the process at FF 2023. Fanfest affords so many opportunities for collaboration, and presenting your corner of New Eden, and is an amazing opportunity to develop contacts, networks and grow.

Fanfest is a unique experience - a unique opportunity and a unique adventure. When you get there - you really do not know who you will meet, and who you will end up chatting to - that is one of the reasons that i love it so much.

Every EVE fan should do fanfest at least once. You will not regret it.

I can't wait for 2025!

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Fanfest 2023 was my seventh Fanfest and my eighth trip to sunny Iceland overall. And while I've had many adventures and excellent moments over the years nothing quite matches the sheer insanity of that first Fanfest back in 2015. My first trip overseas, first time in Iceland, first time I ever met other Eve players in person, or anyone from CCP Games - and I had a player presentation, a roundtable, dinners and lunches with Devs, the charity dinner, and an entire line of posters to promote that CCP was hoping to sell.

It was a lot to deal with all at once. But sitting in Harpa and signing posters in person was a dream come true. And while it took much longer than I hoped, the work I did back then helped pave the way for other creatives and opened the doors for other artists and writers to work with CCP in an official capacity. And that is something that I remain proud of to this day.

I was the first. But I won't be the last. And when I see Andrew's book, or Lloyd George selling art at a table, or watch player's eyes go wide when they first see the new Board Game - I think back to this moment in 2015 and smile.


As my first FanFest attendance I found meeting the people was the best part of the event for me! The talks, sights and events were all great but bumping into someone and following up with a 20 minute conversation getting to know each other, from complete strangers to peers immediately, it was amazing! And to top it off they all welcomed my partner along as well, talking non-EVE things to keep her accommodated and helping her to enjoy the experience all the more as well <3


I went to the snack bar one of the days and ordered a water. A very bearded and very Austrailian dude next to me said, 'you mispronounced beer, mate.' Considderimg the hungover state of so many there, I was suprised anyone was drinking that early.

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At Fanfest 2020, one of the standout moments was when a surprise guest appearance by a famous actor took everyone by surprise. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as they joined the panel discussion and shared some behind-the-scenes stories from their iconic movie roles. It was a truly unforgettable moment that left fans buzzing with excitement throughout the event.

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Hey Alex, thanks for getting involved in so many bounties. Just wanted to make a couple of observations, though: Fanfest was cancelled in 2020, and your anecdote here leaves out the identity of the famous actor, which, I would imagine, would be a fairly key detail!

By all means fill in the blanks if I'm missing anything, but I think now's a good time to reiterate our policy on AI or AI-assisted content. We get the temptation to use it and we're not opposed to members doing so, but as we set out in that policy, we need all submissions to be useful or provide some value to the community. I hope you can see why we don't belive this post meets that standard. Please bear this in mind in future!


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